Suspension Bbk Gripp Upper And Lower Control Arms Or Upr Pro Kit

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  1. I really can't decide what I wanna get, anyone have experience with these two specific sets, I don't want any other ones as I already had headache narrowing down and in my price range, thanks!

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  2. One vote for UPR!

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  3. I've had both, and I vote for UPR. Didn't really have any problems with the BBK stuff, but the UPR is reasonably priced, and you can get them adjustable. Also, the pieces I have received and used were built well. Despite what others may say, I've always received great help and advice from their company, and getting them to replace parts, I would think, would be easier than going through BBK. Just my opinion.

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  4. How accurate is this? I don't want to tear up the rear of my car.

    Control your Control Arm Flex. J&M's control arms increase straight-line traction and improve cornering performance. Their exclusive design allows your lower arms to articulate during cornering but stay stiff under acceleration.Better than Stock. Handling characteristics like wheel hop, rear end instability, or even snap oversteer can be the result of the OEM control arm design. Get rid of it with these arms.Better than the Competition. These arms feature a steel inner ball surrounded by polyurethane outer cups. The result is great traction during straight-line acceleration and predictable grip during hard cornering. And unlike other arms, they don't put stress on your torque box.Quality. J&M's arms are made of rugged 1 1/4" threaded bungs and adjuster. Manufactured from round tubing, they're lighter, stronger, and more resilient to bending and torsion compared to rectangular or square tubing. With custom made pinion snubbers, these upper control arms are the perfect suspension upgrade.

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