BBK H-Pipe fitment problems

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Loco5.0, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. My Bassani catted X-pipe fits like a glove. Seriously - it was very easy to install.
  2. Actually they can. They simply CHOOSE not to. I gave them a very simple and fair way to go.

    The Bassani X on my old GT fit perfect.
  3. Those are just the people here on this forum.

    There are thousands of happy BBK customers out there in the world, from So.Cal, all the way to Austaralia.

    You are only seeing input from guys who choose to read and reply to this one thread.
  4. I hae bought LOTS of BBK stuff...I like everything I have bought.
  5. You are partly correct, i really shouldn't have used the company name in this instance, that's my bad.
    On the other hand, people now know they stand behind their product, and if you are unhappy with their product they will refund you, which IMO means alot. Suggests they are confident in something they manufacture.
    And i didn't go to all the message boards i'm on and blast them, so it certainly could of been worse.

    It is kinda vigilantic (if that's a word) but sometimes you stick to what works.

    And as far as no pipes fitting, use a bassani x that comes in multiple pieces, has a ton of adjustability.
  6. That "simple and fair way to go" was not yours to "give".

    This seems to be all about your desire to control the situation.

    Relax a little bit, send me the email with your pick up address and I'll get the pipe repaired or replaced.

    At least the pipe that you end up will be sellable.

    If you ever decide to do that (you have 1 year from date of purchase as shown on the receipt), I will not post that you did. It will be kept confidential.
  7. Update for those who care:

    I was contacted by the president of BBK on Monday via email. I replied the same day. No response yet. I resent my response again today...
  8. I know he left that night on a biz. trip.

    He's supposed to be back today.,

    I will tell him to look for your reply.
  9. for the record, everything i have purchased from bbk in the past i have been totally satisfied with. if you need to send me parts to test feel free. lol. this thread is waaaaay too long. people are ALWAYS going to complain about products louder than they will ever praise them.
  10. Stay classy ronburgundy:)
  11. I totally disagree with the BBK fits BBK , Mac fits Mac statement. I had BBK Headers and bought a BBK catted h-pipe and clearly the h-pipe was a hack job. If those fixtures are correct maybe you need new welders. I opted to go with the replace it all method and cleared all the BBK parts the previous owner put on it. Sadly this is one thread of many I have read over the years about BBK and learned the hard way by spending good money on their junk.
    I won't say my exhaust choice is any better, however it does fit. I think in this day and age it is to easy to get wrapped up in policy and ignore the fact that a bad part is in the hands of a customer and where was the Quality Assurance at the factory. If all you want is 99% satisfaction fine, but keep in mind how many more of that 99% just paid to get your part reworked so they could use it. Yes it is just exhaust and wont last forever, but it should fit when its new. I would think one last check prior to boxing the part up is not alot to ask.
  12. I wish I could be in 50 places at once to check every part that goes out the door.

    Unfortunately, I can't be there but I can do my best for those who do have issues when they call up.

    When I get emails/pics/parts from the occasional warranty issue, I fire them off to President, V.P., G.M., & the responsible dept. managers.

    It's not like we just say, "oh well, sucks to be that customer..." No, I go in and show the parts/pics/emails, or whatever I have to work with to them and make sure they take action on every situation.

    Honestly, if you hunt around you will find the same sort of threads for lots of different companies products. Not just ours.
  13. But still nothing about QA inspection of part prior to shipping. You have a fixture to weld said part, what about to check fitment after fabrication? My H-pipe was a one peice setup and had zero adjustability, not to mention both socket fittings were parallel to each other the whole length of the pipe. Meaning I had a pipe that not only did not fit but any one in their right mind could see that it was no good. Having an almost similar background in fabrication work I clearly took to the notion that whoever works there does not care about what they do.
    I fully understand that not every part goes smoothely, however somebody has to decide if a part measures up or not. The pipe I had required another $200 plus dollars of rework by new owner and an exhaust shop to make it right. What would it have taken to inspect and reject or fix this pipe prior to leaving your roof.
    Yes every body gets busy and mistakes happen, companies can make or break themselves by how they address this issue and to ignore it gets little satisfaction from any involved party. I wish I would have shopped around and maybe only got ripped off $269 and not the $399 like the thread starter.
    If it could be done right the second time, why not the first? And that could apply to any company facing a constant amount of rework and warranty issues. Boeing guarantees an airplane for 20 years and all you make is an exhaust pipe. Food for thought. 99% is great unless you are the one percent.
  14. I never boguht any performace car parts yet but after reading this thread i dont think i want to buy any bbk parts i have read about alot of fitment issues on this site and others
  15. I'm right there with you man.

    I'm sure you can tell by this thread that I would love to have every part come out absolutely perfect everytime.

    I can honestly say that I would be happy knowing that I could not work in the tech dept. if there is no work due to perfection.

    Unfortunately, things do happen and that is why we are here in the tech and warranty dept. to make sure we take care of the customer if and when it does.

    I'm not sure why the pipe you got "needed $200 worth of work". Couldn't it be warrantied?.

    It seems to me that lots of people try to take stuff into their own hands instead of just getting us to warranty it at no charge.....

    I find that those who do take things into their own hands are the ones that really get pissed off more than those who call us first.
  16. I had, at that time found a similar thread to this one that lead me to believe I would be wasting my time. I had just bought the car and planned on ditching the off road H-pipe that was in alot worse shape than I had anticipated. It was irreparable and having ripped it off the car prior to checking out new pipe, found myself in a predicament of having to get to work and no mid pipe. I wound up fighting the pipe on the car and ordering another one. The five hours I fought that thing to get it on enough to drive was enough for me. I could not hit a bump in the road without having to mess with it. That lasted about a week and I wrote off BBK. That was my first impression of BBK and unfortunatly I have not seen anything to suggest otherwise. I needed a catted pipe to pass smog with a bone stock Cobra, to get licensed and to transfer the car in my name. wound up with a waiver and I still need to get a catted pipe.
  17. I'm sorry to hear that you had to go through that.
  18. It was a bad deal but the reason I was dealing with a new car was a Honda landed on top of my 93' lx 5.0 at a car show and to be fair I don't think that anyone did anything right in my eyes for some time after that. Drunk driver with no insurance and that is a whole different story. I still look at BBK stuff but have not took the dive so to speak. I think your in the right price range for most but it is this type of thing thatis discouraging to people like myself and Loco5.0. I would like to see a good resolve to this as these are the things that new people looking to start playing with their cars will see and it does not appear to promising if a problem does arise for them to get taken care of with out to much of an inconvenience on their part.
  19. Wow! That sucks about your car man.:eek:

    I would be in a very bad mood if something like that happened to one of my Mustangs that I work hard to barely afford every month.

    Thanks for clarifying and being fair about why you feel that way. Given the circumstances, I know I would feel the same way you did/do.

    I know the President of BBK replied to O/P's email today, so maybe he will post the reply or fill the rest of us in on what was said.
  20. all you guys siding with the original poster are rediculous. he has offered a valid and reasonable solution to the problem, and you keep on like Bryan himself set out to screw you on this issue. apparently you have NO concept of how a business works. I understand that this is a BBK product, but you purchased the product from a 3rd party retailer. "The customer is always right" my A$$. if that were the case then everything would be free. i've worked retail for MANY years so i know where both sides are coming from, but as he said, do you not realize how many H/X pipes BBK makes each DAY, let alone each YEAR? name ONE large company that pumps out as much product as BBK and has 100% no quality issues what-so-ever. freakin impossible, come on man. BBK is coming through on their part of the deal, offering you a solution within their warranty policies that YOU should have been aware of BEFORE you purchased their product. if you want a full refund, get in contact with the place you ACTUALLY BOUGHT IT FROM and don't modify something and then expect a full refund after the fact. it's not BBK's fault you were dumb and didn't test fit it first, nor is it latemodel restorations. this can (and probably will) go back and forth all damn day, but the fact is, you bought a product and modified it BEFORE making sure it worked. BBK is being reasonable, in this, YOU are not. yeah BBK is a big company and have tons of money, and sure the cost of one H pipe is probably equal to dirt to them, but they got that way by doing business PROPERLY. and apparently they did it right seeing as they're a multi-million dollar company now. if i were the president of BBK, you'd be getting a big SCREW OFF after seeing this little tantrum you're throwing. grow up.