BBK H-Pipe fitment problems

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  1. I got a response from him & replied. I'm waiting for a reply to that.
  2. Business is supposed to work to make the customer happy and to put a good part in their hands or their $ back in their hand. Whichever the customer wants.

    Customer is right in this case. I got a part that won't fit and should not have passed quality control and shipped out the door. The vendor didn't manufacturer the part, BBK did.

    Completely not the point of this thread or the issue at hand. No one is looking for anyone to be perfect 100% of the time. What I'm looking for is to be made whole again which BBK is blatantly refusing to do by saying policy is policy we can't cut you the check for the $ we got from you. Cleary then can, but simply CHOOSE not to.

    Why would I want another one only to run the risk of it not fitting again? Look at the other side of the coin, man. I have every right to request my money back.

    You obviously didn't read this whole thread. I 1st called Bryan @ BBK. I told him I didn't call the vendor for a refund b/c I had the AIR tube welded shut and I knew they'd refuse the return. Bryan insisted I call them anyway to return it. So I did call only to be told exactly what I just said. So then it comes down on BBK. Again, for their lack of quality control on this part.

    Is it also not their fault that the pipe doesn't fit? Me test fitting has nothing to do w/it. It doesn't fit regardless.

    I'm waiitng for an explaination on how welding the AIR tube closed has anyting to do w/how it fits. :rolleyes:

    How is asking for my $ being unreasonable? I didn't ask to be compensated for the hours that I spent under the car screwing around w/the pipe trying to make it work. :notnice:

    So "properly" is making a lot of pipes that don't fit? (see all the threads about their items) and saying we are taking your $ and running? Gotcha!

    So I guess the price gouging the gas companies are doing is roght since it makes them billions. :rlaugh:

    That kind of treatment gets you bankrupt. We see why you don't run a company. :flag:
  3. Hope they make it right for ya. After installing BBK longtubes on my new motor, I ran the car to an exhaust shop to have them install the x-pipe and install the exhaust. The x-pipe did not come CLOSE to fitting. Not sure if summit sent me one for a different car or what, but the guy that installed it had to EXTENSIVELY modify it to make it work. The headers were nice and fit well, but they obviously are having some trouble with their midpipes.
  4. i like bbk products for what they cost. i like their headers, BUT i installed long tube headers on my buddies car and a h pipe. one of the pipes wouldnt line up to the header. we had to bent it in order to make it work.when u need the car running tomorrow theres no time for "warranty". i tought i was the only one that encounter that problem. then i was talking to one of my other friends about the problem we had and he told me that he actually send back a set back to summit because of the same scenario. oh and my bbk headers on my own car hit my steering shaft, and i have good motor mounts. but what do u expect u get what u pay for.
  5. don't act like you're not impressed.:)
  6. Still nothing. Let's get this rectified...
  7. i'm not sure if i should throw my $.02 in here but oh well...i skipped the 4th page i believe, but i think i've got everything so far...

    I think the OP is waaaay off base on this one. Why go after BBK? If i were you i'd be going after LRS. Are you sure the pipe is the right one for your car? Are you sure it didnt get damaged in shipping?

    You wont take the time to send the thing back and let BBK take a look at it. This throws up some serious flags for me right there. Why wont you do this? You're being stubborn and just wont go through the process it seems to me. :shrug:

    The fact that the tech is taking time to come on here actually shows ALOT of good about BBK customer service. He just seems to be trying to HELP, if you would only listen.

    I dont know you and you might be a great guy that got screwed and is trying to fix it....but if i were the Pres of BBK, I'd tell you you're SOL.
  8. never read through all of this thread, but bbk has a pretty solid rep with their exhaust systems, and i'll say that my LT's and O/R x-pipe went in a lot smoother than what i had heard it could be like, from the horror stories a lot of people post about what a PITA some LT's can be to get on. I still think BBK is a pretty good product for the price. BUT there were pinholes (well, quite a bit bigger than pinholes!) on the welds between my flanges and the tubing. luckily i caught these before install, and i am a welder, so it wasn't that big of deal to fix. never bothered contacting the company. but still.... i would be right pissed if i didn't notice beforehand, or wasn't able to fix it myself....
  9. I recieved a statement from BBB today that asked for a response from BBK on the issue at hand.

    I typed out an accurate explanation of the situation from our end, printed and attached the emails that OP sent and replied to, and handed it to the President of BBK, He read my statement and said "looks good. Send it."
  10. Comedy gold right there my man!:rlaugh:

    Thanks for bringing it to this otherwise un-funny venue.:nice:
  11. i really like the fact that BBK has been active in this thread. i wish every company put as much effort into following their consumers. you don't see that very often. it's not like they're trying to screw people over.... they want happy 5.0 customers, it's good business for all.... mistakes happen, and from what i've seen, they've been quite reasonable in trying to resolve this issue.
  12. Thanks!

    This thread has me reconsidering the Tech Support mission statement maybe something like this would be more fitting;

    If a customer needs tech support, hunt them down using the latest technology and give it to them even if they don't want it.....
  13. i'm just saying that sites like this can make a HUGE difference in a select group of potential customers. a lot of companies fail to realize this. when i've had problems with some companies, and they fail to make any type of effort to even respond or resolve the situation, i go on places like :SNSign: and give them bad publicity. i guarantee it makes more of a difference to them than if they had settled it reasonably in the first place, but they dont seem to realize it. every company will have problems. i always make attempts to call, and tell them i just want the product i paid for, and for it to work like it should. if i can't get that from them, thats when i start trying to give bad publicity.

    At least you, and BBK have made an effort to back your product, follow up, and at least attempt satisfy your customers.:nice:
  14. You must've skipped where that was covered.

    You must've skipped more. They can have the pipe as soon as they tell me, IN WRITING, that I will get my money once they have it & see it's bad.

    Only reason he came is b/c I linked the thread in an email to him. :rolleyes:
  15. That was last Thursday. I resent my email yesterday and still nothing. :notnice:

  16. If I can draw your atttention to the top right corner of this post, you will see that I've been a member here for over 2 years.

    I just don't stop in that often.
  17. So where's your president? :notnice:
  18. I'm not sure.

    I haven't seen him around the office, but that's not unusual.

    He did mention the other day that he gets over 100 emails a day.

    I don't know what exactly you and he talked about, but from what he told me the other day, it sounded like he explained how he could help you with a few different options and left the door open for you to pick a conclusion to this from those options.

    Are you trying to contact him to accept one of the options he presented to you?
  19. I'm trying to get more info on 1 of the options
  20. Still no reply from Mr Murphy. Why suggest something if you're not going to follow through?!