BBK Headers

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Black 93 Fox, Dec 9, 2003.

  1. What do you guys think of BBK Shorty Headers? Also i have stock headers and a mac off road h pipe what kinda of headers do i need to get equal... unequal to match my off road h pipe.
  2. i think they are teh best header for the money, and not sure what u mean, but if u are asking do u need equal or unequal to match your pipe, it wont matter. go with the equals.
  3. Go longtube and never look back, you won't want too.
  4. I have the bbk shortys and love em picked them up used the chrome ones a little tarnished for $75.00 good condition though, i highly recommend them
  5. Id go with un-equal. They are much easier to deal with
  6. I think i have to get unequal because my h pipe is a little longer on one side then the other side so that would mean i need unqual instead of eual right?
  7. that doesnt matter
  8. BBK equal lenght............... ya can go wrong, and will fit your set up. It will sound awesome.
  9. I found them on summit for 159 i think. Is that a good deal? thats for chrome shortys. You guys know any cheaper places?
  10. ingnore that last post i found them for 210 on summit you guys know any cheaper places?. Also when i buy them do they come with the gaskets and bolts?
  11. i have bbk equal lengths on my car, they came on the car so i cant really compare them to anything. my cousin drove it and could feel the difference over his stock 5.0 with a catback system, though.

    really happy with the sound and performance with a similar setup to you, im running the headers, offroad h-pipe and 2 chamber flowmasters. you can come hear it if you want even :nice:

    i would check the for sales on corral, i see quite afew of them for sale over there.
  12. Just dont install them with the gasket they give you! Get some felpro or dr.gaskets. Good luck! :nice:
  13. My buddy just bought a set of the ceramic ones, they are very sweet. He didnt put them on yet, but they look nice. the equal lengths are supposed to be harder to install, but they say u get like 3-5 more hp out of them. I would get the long tubes too if i was you or plan on adding some heads or some major power down the road.
    oh, and always check the classifieds to save yourself some cash.
  14. Love my equal lengths,soung awsome.Oly wish i got the ceramic coating,the chrome sux.
  15. Hey 88sc_gt i have mac off road h pipe with two chamber flows also, so you have bbk shorty equal chrome headers they sound pretty good huh, How does the chrome look under the hood pretty good? So far i found them on mustangs unlimited for 199.95 do they come with the bolts and gaskets i wonder?
  16. Hey also how hard are these things gona be to install? Will i need to take anything out to get them in there im thinking the passenger side is gona be a pita.
  17. i dont have the chrome ones, i have the ceramic i guess they are. they also came on the car when i bought it, only thing i put on was the 2 chambers.

    just plan on everything being a pita to install and getting pist off. that way theres no disapointments.