Bbk Long Tube Question For Anyone Who Has Them...

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  1. What engine and tranny mounts are u running? I put on my new headers and they are touching the firewall on the passenger side, and the steering knuckle on the drivers side. I can turn fine, but I'm worried about burning something. How can I get them off the firewall without hammering it?
  2. Edit... It's a 1990 mustang 5.0 notch with 1 3/4 primaries and gt40 iron heads.
  3. Also, I tried using solid mounts from 50resto and they do not fit, the header goes where the mount needs to be, so with headers mocked up I couldn't get the drivers side solid mount on. Put the stock ones back in, and now it hits the firewall on the passenger side.
  4. I have the 1 5/8th BBK longtubes with stock heads, stock WORN OUT motor mounts, and a solid transmission mount. No rubbing or hitting anywhere, but the BBK H pipe was a PITA to get on there as the headers didn't line up directly with the H Pipe but once I persuaded it I was able to bolt it on. Mine is a 92 coupe with a T5.
  5. Yea BBK said they never heard of my problem before, and that they normally have no issues at all. I don't get it. The mid pipe bolted up just fine, but I had to put a jack under the passenger side lower flange just to bolt them onto the engine, pressing them into the firewall.
  6. I also had the 1 5/8" BBK headers, with TF TW heads, and had no issues for a long time. When I moved the engine back 1", I then had issues with the BBK headers touching the steering shaft, which I corrected with offset rack bushings. I'd dimple the firewall with a hammer to create clearance if that made the problem go away.
  7. Stupid questions first.

    Used or new headers. Are they for a stick or auto. Headers for an auto are wider. If used, did you check to make sure the headers werent bent.

    Is the engine sitting straight and centered? Check to see if your frame or k member is jacked.
  8. BBK 1 5/8" Long Tubes in my '90 5-speed coupe. I have both Energy Suspension Polyurethane engine and trans mounts. Not issues at all. If my headers are running close to anything, it's the starter.
  9. had bbk long tubes on my 89 5 spd. no issues at all
  10. car been wrecked possibly
  11. The car is a manual Terence 3550, BBK part #15940 I think... The ceramic 1 3/4 primaries. I bought them new. Car is straight never been crashed.
  12. I'm not going to dent my car with a hammer. I just want to correct the problem here. I appreciate your responses though.
  13. I run gt40 3 bar head and bbk full length headers with a tremec t-5 hd. Stock motor mounts and 86 cross member for trans. so i can have duel exhaust. i have BBK H pipe with hi flow cats and an x pipe all cnc high flow series and ive never had any issues with ether mid pipes. ive pulled my motor numerous times to change parts and have never had any issues touching. Are you the first owner of your car. Its possible the person you bought it from has damaged your car in the past. are not a lot of people out there tell you the answers if you dont ask the right questions. you get the guaranty until you cant see the tail lights anymore. i could take pics if you want on how mine look to show you that mine arnt even close to the firewall. But an idea you could heat metal and use an old oil filter to give you a nice concave grove that wouldn't appear out of place
  14. I don't believe the car was ever hit. All the panels have the original VIN tags, clean carfax, and straight body lines. No signs of any body work, original paint in the engine bay. If you could post a pic that would be great, and I will as well when I get a chance, probably tomorrow morning. I'm thinking it must be the motor mounts... For a car this clean I refuse to purposely dent it. I want to just make it right.
  15. Never mind the oil and dirt, but you can see the header on the firewall.

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  16. pics of mine. painted black and very dirty

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  17. Looks like the back of your engine sits lower than mine... Maybe it's the tranny mount? I do have a tremec...