BBK LTs and an AOD?? ANYONE!?!?

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  1. Nobody that posts on here has ever put BBK longtubes on an AOD car?! Anyone ever hear of it?! It has to be possible! I know someone has done it, if not I may be the first!


  2. I don't think they will clear. In Jeg's and Summit they are listed as manual trans only.
  3. yeha they only make for 5 speed far as rigging them im not sure but i doubt it..unless u wanna cut your tranny lol
  4. BBK LTs

    I might have to cut the tranny, the casting ears below the dowel pin have to be trimmed back I belive. What I was wondering was if anyone has ever done it.
    Guess Ill find out when they get here. :nice:
  5. I tried a set of BBK Swap LT last month. Fit great in the engine area, but too close together at the AOD oil pan area. If BBK would of only made them 1 1/2 inchs farther appart at the collectors, they would fit... Its a shame also, they are VERY nice headers
  6. But did they fit? I mean, were they touching the trans pan? Did you run them for awhile or just take them back off? Finally someone who has done this! :hail2:
    Thanks abunch and anything else you can tell me would be great!
  7. i have a set of hooker longtubes and an aod. i dont know what the diff is between the 2 headers but i had to cut my collector on the driver side in 2 spots and reform it so it would clear the shift arm and the pan. i do believe that the hookers are for man. trans too.

    i guess im just saying you could have em cut and reformed like what i did. eventhough we are talkin about different headers.

  8. Did you modify the headers yourself or have this done? If you had it done how much did it cost? Im not much for a welder or fabricator. Thanks for your help,

  9. i got my exhaust guy to cut them and reweld. it was part of my complete system. he charged me 250 to put the headers on and run exhaust back to dumps. he didnt provide anything except labor and the pipe.
  10. I'm interested in this also...keep them coming :nice:

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  11. The BBK 351 Swap headers will NOT fit a AOD, but fir a C4 just fine. They are too close together at the primaries where they go into the collector.


    You can see here, that the primaries and collectors line up with the bottom of my Canton pan. When the AOD is bolted up, it sits on the same plane as the bottom of the Canton. The primaries and collectors are just made too close to clear the AOD in the pan area.


    I wish I had taken a picture showing them both, with a tape measure :)

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  12. Thing is Im not going to install 351 Swap Headers, just the regular 1 5/8.
    So if the 351 headers just barely hit the oil pan, and the deck height is taller on a 351 than a 302 wouldnt they hang low enough to go UNDER the pan?

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  13. i put mac longtubes for a manual trans on my 93 lx with aod. they fit but i had to modify the shift linkage and move the o2 bungs to the outside and heat the drivers header add bend it over about an inch. the passenger side barely touches the tranny pan but it works. bought the chrome headers off ebay for 75.00 and didnt give up until they were on. good luck with yours !!! :bang:
  14. MAC makes lontubes for AODs that should make it easier
  15. BBK Longtubes and Off road X came in today! Think Im gonna try and test fit them with the trans I have in it before I start cutting on the new Lentech. Man O Man I hope they arent all over the trans pan. :bang: Oh well. Ill tell ya if I get them on.
  16. yes please do keep posted...a new trans is in my future for my new motor and a built aod is a possibility, if it'll work with my bbk long tubes