BBK SSI Intake Fuel Leak Problems. SAVE YOURSELF!

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by t.o.93_GT, Mar 17, 2007.

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  1. The fuel rails you speak of with the flexible hose are a totally different part #

    BBK 5010.
    Universal Rail kit.
    Fits all intakes EXCEPT SSI.

    The rails that come with the SSI still uses the hard crossover tube.

    There has not been any reason to redesign or discontinue that design.

    When installed properly with the correct O-rings it works fine.
  2. i've never had an issue with these guys, been down to there store in corona a few times, always a pleasure to deal with and very helpful. i like there spring 'sidewalk' sales. bottom line is, when modding cars, s**t happens.
  3. Bryan and Doug, thank you for getting involved here!
    I did read and re-read the instructions and followed them letter for letter. I did have the o-rings installed and it still leaked. I went through numerous o-ring sizes/thicknesses to find one that would work. It is sealed now, but my confidence that it will remain sealed is limited due to how finicky it was to fix. The problem, I believe, is that the crossover tube has to be (ever-so-gently) rotated back and forth to find the exact spot where the o-rings are evenly compressed in the fuel rails. Kind of a PITA trial and error proceedure.
    I own up to making a mistake on incorrectly installing the pcv baffle, but not the crossover tube. I don't see how anyone could think that the crossover tube would seal without o-rings.
    We did call and express our issues with the crossover and BBK did offer to look at them if we sent them back. This was not an option as we had to have the car up and running within a limited time frame. Our final option was to have a machine shop modify the rails. Because of the unique placement of the regulator, the stock rails were not an option and we were forced to make the BBK rails work.
    Thanks again for your involvement here. It speaks volumes for BBK!
  4. Thanks for the info, I was about to order that kit to replace the SSI rails. Could you tell me why that kit won't work on the SSI?
  5. 5010 puts the regulator in the same location as a stock rail set-up. Which would hit the bottom of the intake back there.

    We are going to have another set of rails for the SSI-R that will have a remote mount for the regulator.

    It will still use the hard crossover tube though.

    I'm not sure if those rails will be available seperately though. We're still working on that.

  6. Good service, Good to know!

    I have had nothing but great experiances with a few BBK pieces on my car, kudos to you guys for taking care of thihs problem.
  7. this makes me kind of iffy about my ssi intake. i too was slightly curious about the crossover tube sealing when i was looking at it and mocking the intake up. Its great to hear that BBK IS here to help, and that definately makes me feel better about it, but none the less im going to be slighly uneasy come time to install my SSI.
  8. Well, I’ve spoken Bryan over the phone regarding this. I suppose the thread is a bit vague on my stance and my opinions. My thread is not to flame or cause e-drama :)

    1) I don't blame BBK for the issue at hand. BBK is the product and it’s the product that up to right now has been incorrectly installed (from what 2 parties are saying, BBK and Nicks). This thread is here because i wanted to know what is up??

    2) I have a slew of BBK products on my car, and i will continue to buy BBK products. I'm not influenced by "hate" on the internet, but i like thorough discussion and evidence type posts.
    My intent is NOT to slam BBK or the shop that originally installed it, my intent was to find out what is wrong with my car and are others experiencing this problem. If others are having a problem, how do I get it resolved? MPW, the shop that installed it suggested new fuel rails..... I’ve learned its better to investigate before just always buying (I think Bryan and I agree with what was happening there… )

    3) Don't judge the product based off a few internet posts, I’m not. What we are seeing so far is installer error, that would lead most to believe that the product is pretty good :nice:
    I love its look, loved the way it came packaged.. and the customer service so far is A+ (though Bryans response got my attention, I give it a C- :p )

    4) I am happy the issue is being resolved. Doug and Bryan have been straight up and to me, customer service is worth every cent. Being able to talk to the techs and be reassured is awesome and appreciated. And has made my BBK experience ok to deal with even though I’m not 100% up and running yet.

    So what happens next? My car is ready to run, the upper has to go back on and i will report back. Again, my goal is not to scare people away (though it may seem that way to some) but to bring to light an issue I personally was having.

    As for my claims (the shops claims), Bryan as i said on the phone. I stand by what i said in that email to you. I am a customer. When a shop tells me to "pack the item up and send it back" because of blah blah blah, it gave reason for concern. I chose NOT to post on the net what i had written in the letter to you guys for their sake, not mine. I have nothing to gain but everything to lose with mistakes. Be it a shops or a companies product; fires and shoddy installs are bad news for us consumers. What was in that email was done out of respect for them and you, I don’t think BBK or the shop wants what I “apparently” heard posted.

    This post is not a jab at anyone and i am using my best discretion when bringing my issue to light. I rather do this than just post "PRODUCT A SUCKS" or “SHOP A IS WEAK”
    I spoke with MPW in regards to what he told me, he said "it never happened", i said "ok, but i recall you saying....". I hung up the phone and called Doug personally to tell him that MPW stated no car caught fire but they were familiar with leaks from that area of the intake, I told him the same thing I told you.
    I'm not here to accuse them or you guys of anything, i relayed a message with the intention of getting my car fixed. I am happy to say that yes, there’s a chance the "fire" never happened, but I’m not filing it under "not possible".

    I cannot confirm that MPW did not read the instructions. But i can confirm that my car leaked fuel. I’ve spoken to you guys and them. I know what I believe happened but until the car is up and running, i will hold off on assuming.

    My only gripe with your post Bryan is the flame comment. I’m not flaming and my post shouldn’t be conceived as a post of that nature. I apologize if that’s how you or anyone else takes it, that’s not my intent. Besides, flaming usually requires nifty pictures of products with funny one liners, I avoided that :)
    I would have hoped that by bringing as much information to the table, even though on a forum it would be enough for onlookers to conclude I’m not here to just bash people.

    So, yes. I am still looking forward to my BBK product working perfect. I am excited to get my car back and drive it, that’s all i want.

    I will follow up on this thread.
  9. First off, thank you for this thread. I receieved my BBK Fuel Rails last week from Summit. I ordered the fuel rail exclusivley becuase of the color and the fact they would mate up with my BBK fuel pressure regulator. Upon initial inspection I noticed fish eyes down the fuel rails where holes were drilled for the injectors. Obviously this was a quality control issue and could only imagine that eventually they would more than likely clog an injector. After hearing this horror stroy I am going to call Summit and return them and either keep the stock rails or go with a reputable fuel rail manufactuer like Aeromotive.

    Thanks again for such an informational post.
  10. Just to be clear, i relayed the comments made by a shop in email and never publicly addressed it in any forum.
    However, both you Doug and Bryan have brought this out now. I know what was said to me when i brought in my BBK SSI intake for install.
    I don't want get involved with the he said / she said and i am more than comfortable with you guys posting my exact email (if you feel the need), i have NOTHING TO HIDE. I am the consumer with the leaky intake, im not a do it yourselfer, i am a guy who spent my hard earned cash on something i liked and up until now it hasn't worked out for me. It sucks! I DO 100% believe it will be resolved.. 100% i believe in you guys taking care of the problem!!

    What you fail to mention is whether or not MPW confirmed the same leaking issue previously?. Possibly again caused by installer error, i just don’t know.
    But that’s ok, lets address the biggest issue i didn't even post about!!!! :notnice: A car fire :shrug: It makes no sense to me and frankly, the story isn't that unrealistic, so why are we going down this road?

    Point is, i feel like there is a spin coming on here and I'm the customer. I paid for your product, it leaked i turned to the online community to help me since i didn't know why my BBK intake had issues, be it the product or install. I had called Saturday and i had emailed Saturday, this is where we are at today.

    I’m not a mechanic by trade or by any means, so i ask questions. Fuel leaks are dangerous. I am happy to let this ride out and be resolved but when you edit posts to call or make me look like a liar (on something I hadn’t even addressed) or that I’m attacking you guys, its not cool.

    If this problem is resolved and its mechanic error, i am more than happy to have this thread removed if you feel its detrimental to your business. I'm not out there to take down BBK or anything of the like. Just wanted an answer, i got one, i am happy. Lets see what happens.

    Both BBK and the 2nd shop so far are saying installer error on the first shops part. This at this time is NOT a bbk error or fault. Contact these 2 and im sure they will be more than willing to assist you.
  11. It was not my intention to attack you or swat you down.

    I pride myself on helping customers get what they need to be happy (within reason of course). This is why I was on the phone to the 2 shops and had replacement parts on the way before I ever read your post here.

    I can see where my post (which remains unedited) might seem a bit aggressive.

    The intention was to make a generic statement. If there is a problem call before posting.

    I've been covering tech for the last year, and been supporting tech for much longer. BBK recently hired Doug to handle all of the tech that he can in an effort to get more help directly to the customer.

    That allows me to get back to what I do. R&D, installation instructions, magazine articles, and using experience and new ideas to improve our products, both old and new.

    I personally spent over a year and used both of my Fox bodies for SSI development to get it into a useable package, so forgive me if I took the post a little personal.
  12. I'm dying to get mine on. I'm definately marking this thread so that if any issues do arrive I'll know who's at fault and who to contact :nice:

    Well, i just wanted to follow up. I've called NicksAutomotive and they have yet to receive anything from BBK.

    Its 2pm eastern Friday, so this week is a write off. Maybe next week the O-rings will arrive. I'm guessing here, but likely these were shipped regular ground.

    Until then, signing off. The weather is nice, have a good weekend everyone :nice:
  14. Waiting for a shipped part, don't I know all about that!
    Keep us up to date on the situation, and hang in there! ;)
  15. I hope you get everything resolved I absolutly love my BBK setup this setup pulls hard in the mid to upper rpm range its truly a great product, Thanks BBK for releasing a super duper intake setup!!:nice:
  16. I do apologize for the delay on the O-rings. In an effort to rectify the situation as quiclky as possible I had sent them out via Fed Ex not knowing that I needed to fill out a customs form to get them over the border:canada: .

    They were returned to us on Thursday and we immediately re-sent them via Postal Service to Nick's on Thursday.

    I called Nick's and talked to George. He knows that they are coming and I apologized to him for the dealay as well.

    Thanks. I'm glad you like the stuff.
  17. Just a community update. 2:45 Eastern, Wednesday, nothing so far.

    I'm guessing they should be in by Friday.
  18. Threads like this are retarded. You say you are posting this thread to get the situation handled, when in fact you are just giving BBK a bad name with the thread title and your first post. Most people are not going to read through 2 pages to find out that the shop in fact installed the part wrong, and someone from BBK has actually posted in the thread to rectify your situation. BBK makes great products and making threads like this before giving them a chance to help you out just makes yourself look bad.

    And I would take it personally too if someone flamed a product I spent over a year designing and testing just because some shop decided it was okay not to put o-rings in and also thought it was okay to bolt everything up without checking for leaks. Sounds like an A+ shop to me. Negative opinions about a product spread 10x faster than positive opinions.
  19. Nice! Threads like this aren’t retarded. The initial goal was to get some feedback from the mustang community. The initial shop said they previously had a BBK SSI intake leak and that the intake I bought should be shipped back. That I should also expect to lose 2 lbs of boost because of the intake. They had also mentioned an EGR situation with it, but I don’t recall exactly what was said.

    I’m not giving a BBK a bad name by any means. In fact, I’ve on numerous occasions praised the product, but like you said, most people wont read over two pages, and in your instance, I’m sure you didn’t.

    I had contacted BBK on Saturday, and I never heard back until Monday, until I PHONED them. I made a post on the largest mustang community to get feedback, you don’t like it, don’t read it?

    So the developer of the BBK SSI intake takes my post personally, how should I have taken it had my car caught on fire and burnt? I guess that’s ok then. Mustang Parts Warehouse (of Milton) known as MPW said, “these intakes are known to leak fuel”, “you will lose at least 2 lbs of boost from this intake”. They also added “send it back to summit…”. There was much more said to me but as I’ve already said in a previous post, its been said in the direct email to BBK.
    My faith was in the BBK product (and still is) as I have a slew of other BBK products on my car, but low and behold, it leaked!

    I am a consumer. When a shop says they leak, then I get the car home and to another shop and its leaking (less than 50 km), WTF is a consumer supposed to think?
    I wasn’t there when they installed the fuel rails, neither were any of the techs from BBK. In all fairness I’m sure we won’t ever know what really happened to cause my BBK fuel rails to leak, but the current status is there were no o-rings.

    If the lack of o-rings becomes the 100% end result, then hopefully someone in the future will see this thread and make sure to read over it and find a resolution. Or maybe they wont be so lucky and their car will burn, maybe they’ll even die in it, who knows. Fuel leaks are no joke and someone posting about their concerns about their car spewing fuel in their engine bay shouldn’t be deemed retarded, but then again……

    MPW stated that BBK had previously sent out fuel rails with braided lines in the rear of the rails to their OTHER customer, I have more faith in the braided lines than I do pressing o-rings. But time will tell. They have yet to arrive and when they do, I will post up.

    Aww well, feel free to reply and tell me how bad I look now, maybe we can hit 3 pages and keep talking about my mustang that has now been pushed off the hoist and is sitting and waiting for seals so the fuel rails don’t leak in the future.
  20. There is nothing "retarded" about discussing a manufacturing problem. The o-rings may, or may not, seal. A shop that attempts to install these rails with the hard-line cross-over, without using any o-rings, will be mopping puddles of gas off of their floor! 40lbs of pressure would shoot buckets of gas all over the place. If the shop truely forgot, or didn't know any better, to put the o-rings in, get away from there ASAP!
    In my situation, the o-rings were in place, and I had a dribble of fuel on one side of the hard-line. rotate the line slightly, and now the dribble is on the opposite side. Very G-damn frustrating.
    I like the rails, just not the crossover. I would suggest to anyone getting these rails to spend a little extra time/$$$ and plug the crossover holes, throw the hardline away, and use braided line at the rear of the rails. As BBK stated in an earlier post, if you run the SSI intake, you have to use their rails specifically for the SSI as the FP regulator is relocated to clear the intake.
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