BBK SSI Intake Fuel Leak Problems. SAVE YOURSELF!

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by t.o.93_GT, Mar 17, 2007.

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  1. Just for future reference to everyone out there.

    BBK is closed on Saturday and Sunday.

    As stated in my first reply, I made calls to the shops that were named and had made replacement O-ring arrangements with Nicks just before I received a call from you. I would have called you had you not called me first.
  2. FYI-

    Not one set of braided lines has been shipped from here for any reason. BBK does not use them in any of our applications.

    There is no braided line here other than a few feet of scrap left over from the race/show car I just finished .

    I believe MPW has been a source of mis-information to you. I'm not trying to hurt their rep, but it sure seems like they might be mistaken on some of the things they've told you regarding the SSI.

  3. Just an update, the seals have arrived. :nice: Thank you BBK for stepping up and rectifying a situation that MPW created.

    As for MPW. What can you say. In the years of building mustangs i have learnt that there is generally 1 or 2 decent shops out of the 20-30 around. I had expected MPW to get it right considering mustangs is all they do and they're even partnered with .

    I will follow up in next week on the status of the car and even some pics i hope :)

    Anyhow, BBK, thanks for stepping up
  4. Feel free to e-mail me and let me know what happens.

  5. Hi Bryan, i tried contacting you guys today, 8 pm eastern, looks like i missed ya.

    I have gotten the results back from Nick (aprox 30 mins ago) and before i post them i would like to discuss his findings with you and see if we can get things sorted.

    I will private message you my number, maybe you can give me a call.
  6. I am still dealing with the guys from BBK. Issues are not 100% resolved as of yet and i do have the o-rings here.

    More to come when i hear back from bbk.
  7. Many have pm'd in regards to this and have asked for me to follow up....

    Well, I've spoken to Bryan at BBK and again to Nick. This is where the intake leak issues currently stand..... Customer service is still a+, BBK is working with Nicks towards a solution.... now...

    With the BBK SSI fuel rail o-rings installed (supplied by Bryan), the fuel rails leak. With the rails being shimmed and un-shimmed and messed around with, fuel rails leak; as per Nick.

    Nick resolved the situation by putting 2 o-rings per side. It now does not currently leak but as Nick expressed, hes not sure if he would trust it.

    Bryan has been helpful and given some ideas which I've forwarded off to Nick and those two have corresponded via email previously on April 3 2007.

    Another solution by BBK is Nick pulls the intake off again and measures all the fuel rail spacing as well as the cross over, we ship it back to bbk if theres an issue and they get us out a new cross over pipe and new o-rings. I've left this up to nick to decide to do, i really don't want to keep paying to have an upper pulled off and put back on, but i definitely don't want fuel leaking.
    My feeling is Nick will do this because he doesn't want to have this playing on his mind.

    Other solution is fab up the cross over if its short, make it longer and again, press fit it tight. Though Bryan feels that if it is a time issue, this may be the best way. Again, the fabrication work doesn't scare me, its the o-rings. Though it the car was on a deadline to leave one shop and head to the next, i am willing to sacrifice the deadlines for safety and a job done right.

    So what to do ?

    I did order a BBK-1706 Fuel Pressure Regulator and BBK-1617 Fuel Pressure Gauge Liquid filled.

    Bryan, can a solution be made up if i use these pieces on different rails that BBK carries ? I know you had mentioned on the phone that the current rails wouldn't work because of the regulator thats on them.. (something along those lines, please correct me if i'm wrong..)

    Where i stand is, i rather get the car to a condition where i feel it is safe to drive. So, that would entail swapping out rails, that is what i want or someone has to guarantee that its not going to leak (and i know Nick wont guarantee it, cause i

    So let me know Bryan, if there is a solution i can work on with the parts i have, then i'm all for it. I will swap you out rails, you can have these back :) You can over night me a set, send me the invoice and i will pay for shipping and i will ship you back these rails i have.
    I just want this done 100% correct, no cutting or mocking up, no farting around. Done once.
  8. Judging by the pics orginally posted by "t.o.93_GT", IMO, it looks like it'd be a WHOLE lot easier on the installer if there were two female nipples on the fuel rail (where the metal tube is now). A supplied SS braided line with two male fittings.....connect the two and be done. How hard would it be to tap the existing hole (where the O-ring is) in the fuel rail and use a threaded brass insert? Have a $5 hose made and connect the two rails togethers.....{It's a shame you'd have to do ANY of this...hopefully BBK gets it worked out}

    follow me?

  9. Wow i can't believe they are still having issues with this hmmm maybe the cross over tube maybe cut alittle short or the spacing where the bolt goes to the lower intake is too thick. What i did was grinded down the spacers so it would close tighter against the crossover tube they may want to try that.
  10. I have yet to hear back from Nicks as to the length of the tube that you guys have. This almost certanly must be the issue since 2 sets of O-rings stopped the leak (filled in the gap obviously).

    Since you've made it clear that your full intention is to eliminate the crossover tube but keep the SSI, I've spent the morning working on instructions to modify our existing Universal Rail Kit to help Nick do this for you.

    The existing holes in the existing rails are machined to be seats for the O-rings, so adding fittings to them would not be feasible.

    I'm emailing the instructions to you and Nick now.

  11. Without purposely hijacking this thread, I completely understand the rails being machined for the O-rings. With this in mind, know that the O-ring(s) and a little bit of pressure (from the sandwitch effect) between the rails is all thats holding this crossover in place. Have these (this design) been tested against fuel spike? Will the current setup/design stay in place (IE: leak) if the fuel pressure should ever spike?

    With male threaded nipples inserted into the rail {in place of the O-rings} and a small SS braided hose with female adapters on each end (leaving enough 'slack' in the braided line for slight variances)...I can see this as a much better way to go than the current design. PLEASE know I'm NOT slamming your products..just giving my opinion on a new design.

  12. During prototype testing, I set an SSI intake up completely and hooked the rails to a regulated shop air line with a pressure gauge on a BBK regulator with the return line plugged off.

    I dropped it all into a big rolling bucket full of water and tested the kit to 125 psi (gauge on shop air regulator)with no issues.

    I shut the air feed valve shut off, but left pressure in the line and left it overnight.

    When I checked it the next day, the BBK gauge (which only reads 60 psi) was still pegged, but the shop air regulator gauge on the wall said 0 psi.

    The crossover tube set-up is fine for any application you want to use it on.

    Unfortunately, in this particular case the tube must be incorrect.

    GM used the same type of crossover tube and O-ring set up on the TPI intakes for years on many different vehicles.
  13. Bryan,
    It's good that you provided this info not only here but for the future customers. I agree that the tube provided has to be too short.

    I hope things work out for you guys...I still recommend BBK to anyone.

    Thanks for the updated info!:nice:

  14. Nice thread:nice: I ALMOST considered this intake at one point before I opted for trick flow
  15. Well, Nick from Nicks Automotive has fixed my car and the leaking fuel rail issue. I am happy this BBK SSI ordeal is over with, the additional $300 cost made the intake a $1000+ dollar intake! BBK, that was my new Shifter + !!!!!!! :(

    Car is now done right and i am happy about that, i will be able to sleep at night. Ive continued to post up pictures here on Stangfan.

    1 thing i will add, i love the look of the intake, i am pleased it is all worked out (with exception of the additional cost). I missed my audio deadline, so what, car is all good now and it'll be in later for the audio goodies.

    Some pics (from nick, not my camera, they are small : ( )


    The cross over tube that kept leaking unless 4 o-rings were put in place

    Taping the BBK SSI fuel rail


    Completed job




    BBK did provide some instructions on how to do this. I will leave it for them to publish, but feel free to use my Pics or even Contact Nick himself if you need a quick hand.

    Heres a camera phone video of the car running, no leaks
    Right Click Save As
  16. They should have designed it with the braided line in the back in the first place.

  17. Well, according to BBK they're releasing a kit to do what i have done.

    From an email
    Difference between the GM setups i have seen and BBKs is there is a tightening screw to tighten the press fit / o-ring together.

    But yes, i agree with you.
  18. For the record, a friend of mine installed one of these intakes this weekend, and had no problem with fuel leaks from the crossover tube.

  19. QUOTE=795.0pacecar;6830114]They should have designed it with the braided line in the back in the first place.[/QUOTE]

    I still agree.....that was my orginal post.

    At anyrate, I'm sure I'm not alone here when I say "thanks" to ~'t.o.93_GT'~
    for the continued update he provided. Nothing like following thru with a post. (Always HATED when someone posted up with a problem and kinda left ya hangin!)

    Also, a big hand goes out to Bryan @ BBK (& staff) for stepping up on this matter. He/they didn't have to take the time to post here and yet they did. I for one appreciate that. It shows they stand behind their products.

    I did hate to see 't.o.93_GT' having to spend the extra $$ to make an already expensive intake even more expensive....& just to get it to work.

    Thanks to all those here who contributed their time & opinions.....personally, if anyone has other issues with any other part/product/company....I hope the thread is as thorough.

    :nice: :nice:
    :flag: :flag:

  20. Glad to see you got it all dialed in.

    Kudos to Nick's on figuring out a way around the issue. I'm not sure if they used ing the instructions I sent over to get it heading in that direction or not, but it's the same basic concept.

    The Universal rail kit is part # 5010 for those who are interested.

    It features a fuel line hose (not braided) crossover in the rear with a standard regulator location.

    Fits all intakes other than SSI.

    It will not work with the SSI intake due to the regulator location.

    Thanks to all

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