BBK SSI Intake Warning

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  1. Too bad it aint made of copper :shrug:
  2. IN the floor? You must of thrown it hard! :rlaugh:

    Oh well mang, gotta go with what you feel is right and what you are comfertable with. If you have just had it and are willing to go another route then more power to ya. I think the SSI would make a killer bird feeder. :shrug:
  3. FIXED!!!

    I was on the phone with MyBad70 and he helped me solve this issue...

    Cross fire air injection


  4. Wonder if the header will melt the "support brace" for the plenum. :rlaugh:

  5. This support brace design has been around for years. Actually RotoRooter has used it for years with no problems.
  6. Not your fancy shock tower brace silly! I was refering to the mallet. :rlaugh:

    I like the decision to just not run a t-body. Real men keep it to the floor all the time! :nice: :rlaugh:

    "Slow down!"
    "I cant"
    "If I pull it out of fith it will blow! Come on, its not that fast. *looks at speedo as needle swings past the 6 o'clock position* See, we are only doing 10 MPH." :rlaugh:
  7. Well I put a butterfly in the tube but I lost it after I turned it over :(
  8. *chases buterfly as it shoots out the exhaust*
  9. I've been working on a set up to re-do your rail kit.

    Do you have packaging to box up the rail kit for safe shipping?
  10. I tink so... If I can find the mysterious missing rail I think I left it in my wife's car. Seriously I was looking for a fitting.
  11. Let me know whave it all together and boxed up and we will send a call tag out to you for pick up.
  12. K I try tonight but its me wedding anniversary so... I was looking for that rail last night in the garage. Honestly ADD sucks!
  13. Strype dont lie your using it as a beer dispenser but it keeps leaking too once pressure gets to it .:rlaugh::cheers:
  14. My intake has teh butt AIDS.
  15. I'll get it boxed up tonight.
  16. The rails that is. And don't mind the little ding marks. That happened after the first injector cap cracked.
  17. *comes back with a charred butterfly* :(