BBK SSI Intake Warning

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  1. I avoided this thread like the plague for a few days, but it's nice to see Bryan stepping up to the plate and at least attempting to take care of your fuel rail issue. He seems like the only one at BBK with any desire to keep customers around. I love my BBK longtubes but my throttle body WHISTLES like a... something that whistles a lot... at idle. :D My car performs awesome so I don't necessarly care, but I get asked about it constantly. In any case, good luck with getting the car running Strype, and kudos to Bryan for making things right.
  2. :nice:

    Now if he could just fix the broken a/c at my house :bang:
  3. Just checking in to see if the rails are ready for pick up?
  4. That has been a damned interesting read... :nice:

  5. What boggles me is why it takes threads like these (and not just in this forum) to get a pro-active response from BBK :shrug:
  6. Havent heard from anyone on this for a few weeks now...Are we going to be able to get the rails back to address the situation?
  7. twin turbo mustang/BBk ssi

    my intake was junk too. came new in the box missing plugs/upper intake gasket/no instructions/had to track down parts..kept taking out orings so had to machean fuel rails/as for cross over pipe i had a high pressure rubber one made up and threded the fuel rails havnt had a problem since..

    NSFW warning: potty mouths inside... Twin Turbo Mustang
  8. Whenever you post a video or link, if it has cussing or near nude women, you must put a NotSafeForWork warning. :nono:
  9. I may be wrong, but I would imagine Strype is probably so tired of dealing with BBK and the intake, that he's just considered it a loss, and moved on

  10. asecretfile was correct.

    I decided last week to get back on the mustang before winter.

    We used AN fittings at the back of the fuel rails and my buddy WHT306 capped the center crossover off by tapping it and capping it. The car will crank but has a miss I think I've got a fouled plug. It's holding compression but all of that fuel squirting into certain cylinders may have washed the rings out I dunno. The lack of fuel from the leak on one side may have done something I dunno.

    Thank you BBK for making my life more hell than it already is. I hope you sell these same intakes to the Taliban.

    I'm not mailing you squat chum.
  11. Here's one sale that BBK will never get. I'm shopping for my first intake, right? So I Google "5.0 ssi intake", stumble across this beauty of a thread, and now I think I'll just give my hard-earned money to TMoss one of these days.

    Is that real-world enough for ya?

  12. BOOM HEADSHOT :nice::nice::nice::nice::nice:

    way to go man!!! :flag::flag::hail2::hail2:
  13. BBK changed the design of the fuel rails. I purchased the set up in Dec. to use on the 5.0 that I'm using in my my Factory Five Cobra project. They no longer have the line that is fitted between the rails. You get threaded elbows for the end of the fuel rails along with 3/8 fuel line and clamps. In the long list of replies, someone referrenced using these ports instead of plugging them. Someone at BBK listened/
  14. im thinkin about goin back to EFI just so i can buy one of these intakes so i can have some excitement in my life! this should be a movie!:popcorn: hope i get free refills. baahahaha!

    except, in the movie lets actually have an explosion and fire.. bring the real drama to the big screen.

    camera pans in slowly on the cranking engine... smoke... BOOM! a charred strype comes stumbling out of a burning garage. scene fades to him ranting away on the keyboard to some anonymous jerk wad at BBK!