Bbk Ssi Manifold V. Cobra Intake

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  1. Alright so I picked up 86 GT. The car has mass air, GT40 heads, mild cam, Cobra intake manifold with spacer, bbk long tube headers and underdrives. The car runs great and pulls nice. In the quest for more power I came across a BBK SSI intake. I have read the reviews about gas leaks and oil consumption, but the thing looks too bad ass not to try it. My Question is 1. can I use stock fuel rails (running stock injectors currently) with the bbk ssi? 2. Is this intake worth the swap? Does anyone know if the bbk will make more power than my cobra with a spacer? Thanks!
  2. Honestly, with all the issues and such posted about the BBK SSI, I'd stick with the Cobra, and just have Tmoss port the lower.
  3. x2. Just send your Cobra lower to Tmoss so he can work his magic on it.
    You can't use your stock fuel rails nor the stock FPR on the BBK SSI. It comes with its own fuel rails/regulator and in the past these were known to leak from the joints at the front crossover pipe, though this problem seems to have now been resolved by using the proper sealant. The SSI does look sexy but unless you're really sold on the looks, it doesn't have any significant performance advantage over a ported Cobra to make the swap worthwhile.
  4. The kid I got the BBK intak
    e from said he used stock fuel rails. Who knows if he was bsing me though. I traded some wheels for it so im not really out any money. How much does tmoss charge for porting?
  5. Follow up question, is the cobra lower intake the same as a stock HO lower?
  6. No the stock HO intake is WAY different from the cobra/gt40/explorer lower intake. The lower is the bottleneck (of the upper/lower) but given your combo I'd bet it isn't your biggest bottleneck, more than likely the heads and cam are your largest bottleneck. If you changed to say some AFR or TFS heads then you'd certainly want to port the lower to match those, but I doubt you'll see a ton of performance increase as you stand right now unless you add more mods in the process.
  7. I have a BBK SSI. And yes, he was BS'n you. He couldn't keep the crossfire fuel delivery from leaking. I had the same issue. I ended up having to run braided line out of the back and around to the other rail. It's GREAT! See below...
  8. And this one time at band camp, I was in my garage letting my car warm up, and I smelled gas, and I looked, and it was leaking from the center tube onto my lower intake - off the back of the motor - onto the exhaust. It's a great intake as long as you don't use it for an intake. I've been shuffling around ideas for mine. I want to paint it black and make it into a planter and have thorns growing out of it for next halloween. It'll scare all the gear heads.

    Sometimes I walk outside and look at it sitting on top of my motor and I have dreams of what it would be like to have a Cobra intake, stock intake, explorer intake, gt40 intake, Chinese intake, intake made in Madagascar, Hungry, Turkey, Bolivia, Somalia. And then I wake up and realize that Jesus still loves me even though I brought this Harlot's red headed bastard mistake of an intake into the same house that my children live in. I'm hoping to be a better person.

    You can always call BBK too. They're great. They'll get on internet forums and tell you how stupid you are for not being able to figure out how this after birth POS works. Then it hits you like a... Like an intake to the head. HEY! IT DOESN'T WORK CAUSE IT'S A POS!!! IT'S NOT ME!!! I'M A HUMAN BEING WITH FEELINGS AND EMOTIONS AND CUSTOMER SERVICE CANNOT TAKE THAT AWAY FROM ME!

    One good thing about it is that after you've tried to troubleshoot it for a while the dr will give you Xanax. That is if you have a vehicle that does not have a BBK SSI intake on it because if that's your daily driver then you might want to buy a bicycle or a skate board - a bus pass comes in handy too. Well good luck with that curse that comes with it. The hives go away in about 6 months. That stabbing feeling in the center of your chest - that's anxiety and guilt that you never had before you brought that Godforsaken left handed useless socialist communist fascist quazi neo Nazi terrorist Canadian*** backwards arse booby smootching hateful spiteful deadly boat anchor POS into your garage.

    Godspeed and good luck,
    BBK SSI Intake Owner

    ***only because it is Canadian - I happen to like Canadians. No Canadians were hurt in the making of this post
  9. Strype, that is one of the funniest posts I've read in a while! I believe we all know how well you like the BBK SSI instake! I'm glad I never had the experience!
  10. Hahahaha, that was funny folks!!!
  11. I just doubled up the O-rings on my cross over tube and I haven't had any gas leaks in like a year and a half. Also the oil consumption is because the PVC set up in this intake is honestly stupid. I kept getting oil in the upper plenum so I just capped off the PVC port on the lower and ran an old school PVC set up in my valve cover. Other than that I've had good luck with mine. Also read an article that did dyno testing of multiple intakes. The SSI makes excellent top end power but not such good torque. A Cobra intake is much better suited for a street driven car. Also the SSI intakes are good for boosted set ups I've heard but who knows, I'm only NA so I can't say for sure.
  12. Thank you Sir. That was one of the best rants ever
  13. Yeah I've seen that same article. I have the Edelbrock Performer and it's probably equal to the BBK SSI at the top end but it makes more torque lower down. The Performer doesn't win in a beauty contest but it delivers the goods and has the best design of all the longer runner intakes.
  14. And as of yesterday I found oil all in the intake and all over my spark plugs.

  15. I was disappointed in their support lately too. Caster camber plates, top bearing mount, we (the best front end in town and I) just needed to know if they install on both sides the same or like the picture or how that one piece goes in. They had to look at an actual kit, and did not know if it made any difference. And that is after we got anyone to call back, which was a big problem in itself.