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  1. i just wanna say bbk is a pretty good product for the money....ive installed everything myself without any problem, runs better and better everyday. the question is, what can i do next to squeeze a bit more out of my stock 5.0?????
  2. Had pretty good luck with BBk products in the past myself. Tell us what do you want to get out of your 5.0, and maybe we can steer you in the right direction.

  3. well im thinking of setting timing to 12-13? im running 89 octane, set at 10 right now, what about my adjustable fuel pressure regulator? anyy gains on that? i wanna do intake but im gonna wait till i build a motor in the spring.
  4. to answer your question i want anything i can get out of it....
  5. If you are just looking for.more power out of the engine then advancing the timing is a good start. Most people run 14 to 16 degrees of base timing on 93 octane. Not sure on 89, but be careful.

    There is a lot more to a fast car than a powerful engine. I always start out with a shifter on a 5 speed car. Getting the transmission to shift faster will go a lot farther than a few extra hp out of the engine.

  6. whats the best short throw? id run 94 but here its 1.55 a liter is it worth it? what about rockers probably no new i usually run jeeps get it thanks kurt
  7. Not much gain with the rockers. I heard a lot of.good things about the mgw shifter. Never actually run one myself though.

  8. mgw? i was thinking b&m?
  9. i work for a tow yard and we got a 96 with a short throw same tranny or not close?
  10. I don't remember if the shifters are interchangeable. I used to be big into the B&M shifters, which is what I run. They removed the stops on them now, and you are definitely better off with a shifter that has stops on it.

  11. I have an MGW short-throw shifter in my '95 GTS. I like it because it's a forged unit rather than cast parts, so it's stronger than a B&M or PRO-5.0 shifter. It was advertised as having the shortest throw of any aftermarket shifter, but the thing I like most is the adjustability of the shifter handle. You can adjust it so that it puts the shift knob where it fits you best. None of the other shifters on the market do that.
  12. If i could go back and do it all over again....

    rather than spend money on odds and end bolts ons here and there, i'd just do the trick flow top end kit and call it a day. Same cost of what i've spend on minor mods, but much more performance
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  13. yeah I was browsing the hp and 1/4 sticky and noticed that I have the same or abouts as several "bolt-on stangs" (ie: throttlebodies, cat backs, etc) and i have hardly no bolt-ons and stock heads.