Be Sure To Check Out Those Switches Folks...

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  1. Took my 91 in to get inspected today. The inspector came back and told me that my interior blinkers weren't working despite them functioning on the outside of the car. Said he had to bump the key to get them to work. I had heard about the late 80's early 90's Fords having problems with switches causing fires. Even though I hadn't seen this before I went ahead and stopped by the parts store on my way home to pick up a switch. Whilst driving home the blinkers stopped working on me, first time I'd ever seen it. Got home and pulled it apart to find this:


    The plug was a little warped from heat and you could tell the switch has been getting hot. Glad I got this done before it burned my garage down with all my rides in it. As a bonus the key cylinder isn't all loose like it was before and my charge voltage is now higher on the gauge.
  2. Damn! Nice catch. Glad you caught it before it caused serious damage
  3. yikes, where on the car is this one located?
  4. Ya me too.

    It's in the column, close to the lock cylinder.
  5. ignition switch, very very very common problem. mine made me crazy trying to figure out why the blinkers and various other things wouldnt work half the time until i figured out the stupid thing had seperated (and i mean seperated, it came out in two pieces). cheap fix though, <$15 for a switch, couple more bucks for a security torx bit if you dont already have one, and done.
  6. when i had my 90 it was recalled to have that switch replaced.
  7. I replaced mine yesterday, just for piece of mind. This is what it looked like. :eek:

  8. Wow, mine didn't look that bad inside yet.