Be the First to Own 2005 Seats...

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  1. I was browsing Ebay, and look what I found:

    How the hell these are being sold already, who knows... But, now you can set these up in your house, watch TV in them, sleep in them, and pretend you have an '05 until Fall. :nice:

    In all seriousness, these are the best shots I've seen of the seats so far, and they might give you a better idea of what to expect. Just imagine leather over the cloth...
  2. Wow, the pattern on those seats is nasty :(

    When will ford learn! We want REAL bucket seats!!! :D
  3. Although I'm not sure about the pattern it is a way to identify them as mustang only seats. They look a lot more supportive than earlier pictures showed them being.
  4. if they were grey id put them in my 91
  5. I'm not sure they would bolt in. Especially the rear seat. :shrug:
  6. Or atleast they could stitch a pony in the headrest.....
  7. :stupid:

    The side bolsters do look very good. The thigh bolsters look like they could use some work, but it's just not possible to tell from photo's. The real test will be trying it on myself.

    These seats do look similar to the ones in the volvo s40. I tried those on recently at the milwaukee auto show and I found they were a *lot* more supportive than they looked.
  8. looks like the stock cloth seats you would find in a base 2005 V6.

    I don't know If like all those little pony decals in the middle area. The headrests look very functional however. they are definately an improvment, probably even more functional then the 03 cobra seats.

    the rear seats look very deep.
  9. i came across those earlier too... but who is going to buy them, i highly doubt they would bolt into any stang besides the 05+... especially the rears. Im just curious as to how someone got ahold of them... they still have the tags attached too... wierd
  10. Notice from the pictures, they seem to have more than 1 set too. Looks like there is another set just to the right in one or 2 of the pictures. Maybe they are the manufacturer of the seats for the 05. :shrug:
  11. The seller sure posted enough pictures of them!
  12. I love the music that plays while the pictures load.
  13. THANKS SHATNER someone finally agrees with me about the volvo seats
  14. These seats look like unsupportive pieces of garbage like the ones in my 2003 GT.

    I drove my mom's SVT Focus this weekend and I got reminded how much better those seats are than my GT's.

  15. Hell, I'd buy just the headrest. Man oh man do I hate the headrest in my GT! Does anyone actually drive with their head leaning backwards?

    I actually like Fords newer-generation cloth seats. We have them in our 2004 Expedition. If 2-toned (light and dark grey in that), they look and feel pretty sweet.

    But hell, for $500, I can jott down to the local pep-boys and pickup some cloth racing racing seats (they wanted $250 each) which are Corbeau comfortable for a fraction of the cost!