Be Very Careful When Dealing With American Muscle

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  1. I was trying to find a good price on an SCT SF3 tuner, and after previously posting a query on another site, I got a response from Dan Bailer saying that AM would price match other advertised prices. Sadly, that is not true. I found this unit for $295 shipped from Gary Yeoman Ford-Lincoln-Mercury and called to order and get the price match. The person I talked to (Steve) said he would have to check on it, and when he called me back he said that price was too low to match. I guess Dan should have qualified his response, and listed prices below which they would not go, if that is their policy. That really blows because I was looking forward to becoming an AM customer, and their service seems very good, but I just can't stomach them saying they would match a price and now they won't. I guess I'll just have to go with the part from GY Ford. Well, as long as it corrects my speedometer that's what I really need, but I sure was looking forward to dealing with AM for this and future purchases, but what can you do. I just wish people would say what they mean and stick to it. Seem like the price of integrity has gone way down for some people.

  2. That's too bad, man. I have always had good luck with them. Can't beat their price on the shipping either.
  3. After talking to Dan again, I guess I have to accept his explanation that his hands are tied by a minimum allowable price agreement with the manufacturer, but it still sucks. I'm letting it go, but I just hope in the future AM is more careful about what they promise.
  4. I was told that by someone else years ago. I think SCT requires a certain minimum price on their products. And I'm fairly sure AM (and pretty much every vendor I've seen carry their products) have it at that minimum price. If SCT found out your other vendor was actually selling it for $295, they'd probably yank their license to do so.
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  5. yup someone has some explaining to do...
  6. I bought an XCAL 2 some years back for less than suggested price and yes it could not be advertised below that. It was a one-time web forun deal.
  7. Then just buy it from Gary Yoeman's Ford :shrug:. You can still be an AM customer, just not with this deal.
  8. That depends on whether they're a distributor or if they bought the units outright and are reselling.
  9. That minimum exists to prevent intentional pricing for price matching reasons...