Beard of Fu-Man-Chu?

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Should Chepsk8 Keep the Beard or Shave down to a Fu-Man-Chu?

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  1. Leave it! You earned those greys, grow a spine!!!

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  2. Shave it! Damn, you look just Suave with that 'Chu!!!

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  3. Why are you asking me this? Just buy lot's of "For Men Only" and hide everything, and fake being you

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  4. What a ridiculous poll! Shave yourself clean! Why did I look at this thread anyway? I must have bett

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  1. Why not?

    I'm off next week, and in two weeks after that to represent the company at two industry conventions, I will be the main speaker and presenter. I always grow a beard in the winter, but this year it's much grayer than before. I always have the "Fu" in the Summer, thinking of sh aving back to it for the conferences, give myself a more unique look.

    So, you guys and gals have helped me out many a time over the last three years, why not give me some input here too? I attached a pic of myself last winter in Vegas, bearded. I'll do which of the two you guys decide, based on the poll by Super-Bowl Kick-off.

    So vote on your choice of the two, no alternates!

    (and to those who will say "what a ridiculous thread!", I say Lighten up, enjoy the hunor value this thread is intended to have, post your own silly comments, that's what this forum is for! Although, NO Eleanor conversions!!! :rlaugh:

    The gutter is frozen and under 8" of snow, so I gotta have fun somewhere!!!)

    Time to vote!
  2. Personally, I'd go with the Fu. Used to have a beard, but it grew very slooooooooooowly; and with the gray/white taking over the red/brown, I started looking like a "homeless person"! :nonono: Shaved it all off, and one day while shaving, I managed to slice off an old scar (Bike -vs- bridge, lost a bit of skin and teeth on that wreck! :owned: ). Bled like crazy; had to stop shaving my chin so it would heal. People (even the Mrs.) liked the goatee :shrug: so I kept it.

    Just don't hang a Mach1 gas cap and Carrol Shelby signature on it so you can charge 5X it's value! :lol:

    Still Dreamin'
  3. Unless you are an albino in a snow storm I don't see a pic :shrug:
  4. Shave the foo , get a high and tight , then go get an Eleanor Mustang , and drive up to the convention looking really good. :D Hell , Id even want to run up and smooch ya. :p
  5. you want a unique look?

    grown a mustache thats about an 1" wide directly under your nose and shave off everything else.

  6. Ummmmmmmmmm............ahhhhhhhhhh........nah, never mind. There's a whole long rant in there about the proclivities of those who like "Eleanor"; but I think I'll just stay away.......
  7. Hmmmm

    Hop, knew I could get you here! I'm too old to know what a "high & tight" is! :lol: Can you help?

    To all, tried to post pics, but this ridiculous new picture system still only works when it wants to :bang:

    Enjoying the comments, keep them coming in!
  8. OK, no luck with a pic
  9. Heh Heh , Well, Chepsk8 , If I recall correctly from your last picture , your not exactly a pathetic bag of atrophy , so a high and tight should work out. Basically, its the sides and back of your head skint , with the hair on top a little bit longer than a "flat top". A Military or Police type cut . Doesnt look right if your ass has its own zip code...

    Ahhh Discretion before assault .. I shall document the name Stangdreamin in my list of members of intellectual attributes.... :nice:
  10. Well, Hop, thanks for the explanation! I'm a bit too old and old-fashioned for one of those military style hair-cuts. Save it for the kids and wanna-be's! When I was young, the style was just the opposite: Hair past our shoulders, Bandana's, boots, and Levi's! I even had a 68 Cougar with the Lynyrd Skynyrd logo painted on the trunk! Very Popular on dates!

    I guess part of accepting the mantle of my age is leaving some things for you kids...

  11. Thank you. And, for the record, I am not entirely "anti-Eleanor". Rather, I appreciate those modifications which enhance the car's performance (4 wheel discs, suspension and chassis mods, the motor); while not appreciating the "bling" such as the fake fuel filler, that hood :nonono: . I mean, c'mon, Ford and ol' Shel' managed stuff a 428CJ under the hood with only at most a functional split scoop; not requiring that cardboard box-looking "Power Bump" blowing your close-in front line of sight. Add in the cost of finding decent '67-68 FB's since everybody now wants to make a copy of a knockoff of a B-movie car, and, well....... :rolleyes:

    EDIT: Cheapie, if you had straight hair you could go with the "modified" high-n-tight. A sharply tapered haircut at the neck and ears, with a good trim up top. Goes well with a goatee :nice: Of course, since I seem to remember your hair is somewhat curly...... :shrug:

    Still Dreamin'
  12. Hair past our shoulders, Bandana's, boots, and Levi's! I even had a 68 Cougar with the Lynyrd Skynyrd logo painted on the trunk

    hey chepie, i like your thinking. long hair and lynyrd skynyrd can't go wrong with that :hail2: pretty much describes me as i am now and have always been, even though i'm a few years younger than you. BTW you never did send a shipping total on that headlight bucket and i keep forgetting to ask you about it can you PM me and i'll get you all my shipping info and stuff, thanks

    oh yeah go for the goatee
  13. Dang Chepsk8 , wasnt that long ago (the 80s) I had a righteous mullet goin too bro. You make it sound like your about to take a dirt nap. You cant be that much older than me . Figured you at around 40.

    I pretty much agree with you believe it or not . The GT500 E has an awful hood, and that freakin fuel filler looks like a small nuclear plant sticking out of the side. The GISS car was much better looking. Im not a fan of the GT500 E obviously. I am completely cool with guys that want to mod their cars into "Eleanor" , but like someone posted (repeatedly) a while back , the whoring has gotten out of control. That end of the spectrum , I stand firm with all my pals here at Stangnet . The guys trying to turn a buck by building an Eleanor to sell , well,,.. DIE !!! DIE DIE DIE !!! MAY THE FIERY BEAST OF HADES SPEW FORTH VENOM AND COOK THINE ASS !!!! :mad: . sorry. Got a little carried away.. At least in reality, the chances of ever seeing one cruising down the road or at a local cruise in are pretty slim. I hear a lot about all the 67s and 68s getting yanked up to make "Eleanors" , but thats just not the case. Granted, there may be a couple hundred in the end, but realistically, thats a drop in the barrel .
  14. away you Hi-Jackers!!!

    Be gone, away, shoo! :spot:

    I'm Hi-Jacking my own thread back to it's purpose!! :banana:

    Vote now!!!

    age: 43, where's my dang-nabbit cane........ :lol

    (MULLETT!!!!!!! OMG!! :rlaugh: Our rock radio station out here hunts them on thier afternoon show!)
  15. Well, without a pic, I'll just give a guess. Keep the beard....

    And, dammit, Eleanor is a 73 Mach 1, medium bright yellow, how many times must I say this.... :D
  16. I'm blind!!!

    What did you type??? (!!!!!) :rlaugh: :lol: :p

    (BTW, I can't seem to post a pic! Friggin new picture system....) :mad:
  17. I'm gonna be 40 this year, and in the '80s I had a mullet from hell. Middle of my shoulderblades in back, above the ears and almost shaved on the sides...WITH BANGS!

    As uncool as the mullet is today (hockey-hair anyone?) those younguns among us have to be educated on just what a tang-getter it was in 1984. I expect in another 20 years they'll all be makin fun of the hoodie-wearin, baggy-pant-havin, hair-in-the-eyes-combin, slothfully-slouchin, skater-wanna-be, fubu-sportin, suburban kids (those under 30 :D) of today.
  18. All fixed :D
  19. Edbert,

    Well said! I couldn't agree more!

    (kinda funny though, I'm doing better with the ladies now, than back then! guess I have learned some things with age.....)
  20. I vote for winter Goatee or summer soul patch with 5 o'clock goatee shadow with some "for men only" where needed but that's only so I won't be the only one. ;)

    The FU sounds like a fiendish plot to me.

    BTW, about pics, I have noticed that if after managing the attachment you click the submit button that is above the option section instead of the submit button below the attachment section, that often it will submit sans the pic. maybe that is your problem? Well, one of them anyway. :stick: