Beard of Fu-Man-Chu?

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Should Chepsk8 Keep the Beard or Shave down to a Fu-Man-Chu?

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  1. Leave it! You earned those greys, grow a spine!!!

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  2. Shave it! Damn, you look just Suave with that 'Chu!!!

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  3. Why are you asking me this? Just buy lot's of "For Men Only" and hide everything, and fake being you

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  4. What a ridiculous poll! Shave yourself clean! Why did I look at this thread anyway? I must have bett

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  1. Soul Patch

    Soul patch is standard equipment with either the Fu or Goatee. :banana: Sometimes it's good to give a feindish presence.... :crazy:

    Your description of my picture problems is spot-on. :uzi: :uzi: :uzi:
  2. Cmon Chepsk8 , Go with the high and tight, and no facial hair.
  3. Time for a "Pro" to wade in......

    First....I was the one who voted on the last option...

    Second.....If you've never had your body completely, and I do mean COMPLETELY hairless you should try it sometime....but I don't recommend the chemotherapy route..........:eek:

    Third......I'm just as old as you (well almost...) and I am also a "long-hair", but these days I travel incognito with my "high and tight" flattop......the only drawback is I'm always dodging low flying aircraft looking for a place to land. :shrug:

    Fourth......Ummmmmm......uhh.....what the hell was the point I was trying to make with this post?:scratch:

    O.K......It's back to my Closet for me................ :nonono:
  4. Mullet = "Business in the front & Party in the back" who wouldnt want one.... :notnice:

    Now, now dont lump all the whipper-snappers into one catagory. I am a Gen-X'er, 25 to be exact and I think you mean the 15-20 yr old crowd. My era was grunge (flanel shirts, torn jeans -think Kurt Cobain form Nirvana) or prep's (Tight roll jeans, polo shirts -think saved by the bell)

    Personally I was/am a motor head- jeans, t-shirt, comfortable. but when the need arises (work, presentations, and meetings) slacks, dress shirt, tie.
    I have always had short hair close to a high & tight.
  5. I did have a smiley in there...

    I've been confused by the division between a Gen-Xer and the baby boomer. I read that the boomers started in 46 (post WWII) and ended in 64 (which makes me one). I've also read that a Gen-Xer is one who was born after Kennedy got whacked (which makes me one) :shrug:

    I kinda thought the Grunge era was still alive, its not Nirvana and STP anymore but its Mudvane, Creed, LimpBizkit etc.

    We had in my high screwel dayz...

    Jocks (duh)
    preps (izods/polos with pastel plaid pants)
    kickers (Skoal can, wranglers, Ely, pointed boots)
    Jells (concert shirts, desert boots, OP, red eyes)
    Nerds (whatever mom dressed them in and front row of class)
  6. I saw your smiley I just wanted to.. :stick:

    I've heard the same as far as the baby-boomer's vs GenXers but IMO- there is a whole generation between them. the 30-early 40's crowd seems to be the bridge between the two, maybe we should call them GEN-W, most of these seem to have a good mix of new/old, but then again I have always been considered the "old man" in my age group and tend to fit in more with the people 5-10 years my senior, despite my occassional "dip in the gutter".

    Your kinda right about the grunge thing morphing into this skater/rapper, pants around the knees, oversized jerseys and all type thing, but when I was in school we refered to them as "thug's" or "wannabe's" anway it's all this crappy pop culture now-a-days.

    Everyone blames MTV for doing but I consider the cause to be the downfall of what MTV was (videos & Music) to this poor shell of teeny-bopper talk shows & sitcoms with no point, tons of commercials and the occasional 30 minute program that shows commercials with a few music video clips thrown in as filler.

    BTW - this thread has formally been I leave this question to the to divert it into the giant pudding bowl.........?
  7. It took this long...

    I'm amazed it took that long to hi-jack this thread! :rlaugh: I figured it would be mauled instantly!! :banana:

    I seem to fit into that group too, enjoying Nirvana, Allmans, and many sounds inbetween!

    As for nudging this thread into the gutter with the other two, I'm waiting and watching...... :hail2: :lol:
  8. Gutter Bound Again!

    To hell with nudging, what this thread needs is a good double-handed, shove in the back, push head-long into the Gutter! :rolleyes:

    In the deep end of course, we wouldn't want it to get hurt now would we?:nono:
  9. sitting here in my yellow inflatable ducky ring sipping on my pina colada I was just wondering where exactly is the deep end? I know we have the warm end and then the frozen tundra side.......
  10. Keep making old geezer type quips and you'll find yourself in it............ :D

  11. you know i wish i was up there in the cold, So I could snuggle with you big guy :p ya.....mean it :D
  12. hey can a, what was it? gen-w-er, with a mullet get back in the gutter? what is the flavor of the day anyway? and i'm not real sure i want to know why steel horse keeps referring to this end of the gutter as the "warm" end. i hope he is just talking about the weather and not the pudding in his immediate vicinity :rlaugh: BTW, in case anyone cares i don't have the typical 80's four foot tall mullet, it is like a normal haircut on the top and sides and long in the back, about to the bottom of my shoulder blades. and i'm not sure if it is because i'm married or because of the shock factor but i have a lot of girls at work that are always flirting with me, maybe it's just cuz i'm so damn sexy, hehehehe :rlaugh:
  13. First the rabid-toe humping half baked christmas cookie, now a skippy peanut butter reject.....How many times do I have to tell you I live in a Closet because I'm a Closet Monster, not because of my sexual orientation!:mad:

  14. Will you justSTOMP him already???? :bang: Then we can clean up the mess off the floor leaving no remnants; and 'Chelle will feel safe in letting the Closet Keeper Chick :drool: and her Sister :drool: :drool: come visit us in the Jacuzzi! :D :D :D :nice:

    Sheese! Here I'm trying to get us fixed up with a couple of hot Babes, and all he wants to do is play with Bar Food! :nonono:

    Still Dreamin'
  15. Maybe your end of the gutter is warm because you ran out of Depends????????
  16. But.... werent you the first one to get invited into dreamin's 6 MAN jacuzzi??????

  17. No, he wasn't !!!! That honor went to the Closet Key Keeper Chick and her blonde-haired sister. But 'Chelle wouldn't let them come over :(

    Probably she was afraid of letting the girls be surrounded by leg-humpers such as yourself. See what you cause? :nonono:

    Still Dreamin'

    EDIT: Hey did I post this on Windsor time or Cleveland time?
  18. DUDE! :nice: Pics!!! btw: Fu-fu-fu-fu.....

  19. Have you ever tried STOMPING someone in a tapioca filled Gutter? :nono: They just kinda squirt out whole from under foot! :rolleyes: Granted this end is frozen, but if I STOMP too hard I'll break the ice and fall in.....ever take a tapioca bath in sub-arctic temps?:nonono: Well, I don't want to!:nono:

    And yes, Peanut-boy's area of the Gutter is warm 'cause he keeps peeing himself (in fear of my foot!) :rlaugh:
  20. Okay, we're a TEAM, right? So let's practice teamwork. Using Cheapie's plan, I'll load up the bed of the Rice-Eating Chebbie with some of your East Coast slush and park it on the bluff overlooking the cold end of The Gutter. You lure him over, and I'll dump the whole bed on him. Don't worry, I'll aim it away from you! Besides, with all that blue fur, how would you notice if a little gets on you??? Once he's frozen from the "slush shower", you just STOMP away! :nice:

    Of course, since we're using chepsk8's idea, we'll have to see of the Closet Keeper Chick (or her blode twin) has a friend for him.......

    Still Dreamin'