Beating a soon to be dead horse. The 05 GT vs the current Mach 1 and their owners.

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  1. Ok here lately over the last 3 weeks or so I've been lurking on Mach boards to see what kind of times they are running etc because if the GT is close to the Mach even in the least it should run close to the same times. Something I've noticed is that a decent amount of Mach owners are dang near the point of hating the 05. A few ragging on the fact it will be heavier than the old GT(yet lighter than their car), a few even saying it'll be a 14 second car etc...
    Anybody else think that should the 05 GT run with(or heaven forbid beat) the Mach we might have another nasty intercar rivalry like the V6 owners versus V8 owners? I'd hate to see Mach and 05 GT owners at each other's throats simply because Ford decided to make both cars fast.
  2. Same thing happened when the Mach 1 came out with the 99-01 Cobra owners. It will die down eventually. How would you like if you paid $30,000.00 for something and in 1 1/2 years come out with something that's cheaper and faster than your car? Also, having the same hood as the '03 V6 model. But it's all good that Ford is finally putting out Mustangs that have nice stock numbers. :nice:
  3. It's justification -- everyone wants to feel that the choice they made was the right one, and most people accomplish that justification by talking down to everyone else. Any Mach 1 owners with that kind of attitude need to get a grip, and remember what's important.

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  4. I agree with'll die down eventually. Some Mach owners just seem to be pissed about the fact that their stock cars (with no power adders) were some of the fastest Stangs....and now the '05 will give them a run for their money. It's easy to pcik something apart under the pretense that you hate it....that way when it puts down better numbers than your car, you can say "well it may be faster, but it can't outrun ugly."
  5. Well I'm on the Mach boards and haven't seen anyone hating it anymore than right here. :shrug:

    Most of us just feel we have a car that will only have 13k or so on the street for 2 years and we love them. We all could have waited but why give more for an 05 than a Mach that's an LE car.

    The 05 cars will begain being pumped out at 200k a year and floods will be on the road in a few years just like the present model. How many Mach's have you seen on the street, most of us very few I bet....... :spot:
  6. Personally I think the new 05 is awesome. Props to Ford if it's faster then the current Mach 1. If it was a lot slower I think it'd suck for Ford considering one of their goals was to have it close to the now defunct F-body. Either way what's the difference the 03 Cobra whoops both their asses anyway. My friend picked one up with 7k miles on it for around 26 grand which is within the same prices of the other 2. There's always something faster. Just be glad Ford is coming out with these machines.
  7. Cars are like video game consoles....yours may be the best now, but there's always going to be something that's coming out that's going to toast it. Some people still like the original Nintendo, some prefer Game Cube...some are waiting for the next gen console.
  8. I still like the old pong game. Anyway, around Houston lately, brand new Mach 1's have been priced between 22,995 and 24,000. Must suck for the guys that paid sticker, but thats always the price you pay to be first. But if they loved the Mach enough to pay that, the new GT should not diminish that. Fact is, they still have a special edition that should be worth alot more than a GT in twenty years.
  9. Aarkanoid is the ****!
  10. i'm on mach1registry and all other mach1 forums, i never see the hatred towards 05gt..most like it!, some might think its a lil long or retro..but they like it overall and accept it. what forum where you reffering too?, what gets me is people who never owned a stang in there life but...drool over 05 and talk about it like its god..geez..
  11. even if the 05gt is as fast or even biggie, 06 will bring the beasts, i plan on upgrading in 06 for there special production, so in the end i'll still be faster

    the mustang vs mustang rivalry is kinda lame....lets go get those goats "gto"
  12. I'm also wondering what Mach 1 boards you're visiting. Most of us Mach 1 owners are as thrilled about the '05 as we are own Machs. I think many of us are figuring out how we can convince our significant others that the '05 will be a great addition to our garages. While I doubt the '05 GT will be faster or quicker than the Mach 1, it will be a welcome addition to the Ford family regardless of its 1/4 mile times.

    Very few Mach 1 owners are interested in trading for the '05 GT, but any ragging thats going on is all about styling, not on performance. This board has the most brutal attacks on the '05 of anyplace I've seen... and that includes the F-body sites. I believe Ford is going to get some of those chebby guys to buy...
  13. This Mach 1 owner has decided to buy an '05 GT coupe. Yes, I paid MSRP when I bought mine in Dec. 2002. Yes, I sometimes get bummed that people are picking them up now for much less. Yes, I love the new car's style and powertrain. Yes, I think its great the base V8 car will be close in performance (or even equal if the engine output is underrated). Yes, I ain't waiting for a special edition because the expected price on the GT will be in my price range for me to have 2 Mustangs.

    Yes, I JUST CAN'T WAIT!!
  14. Funny this board thinks were against the new 05 while they have the most thread cutting them down :rlaugh:

    Fact is I love the grill lights just like the shelby of old. Great design just doen't have anything on my Mach :shrug:

    The next car in my stable is either the 07 cobra or another LE car they put out. But what do I know I kept my 87 GT until my 02 GT was brought and I got it a year too early. Until 99 the 87 kept up with any GT and the Mach's the same until they put 400 to 500 hp in a car I'm good :nice:

    You guys better not wait too long though this won't last forever. I think by 2010 either Insurance will price of gas will put these car's out of existance or with the new hybrid's coming out. Best grab as many of these good models as you can afford the 2nd coming of the 60's are coming to an end IMO. :spot:
  15. The Mach 1 Registry is what I'm refering to. I've lurked there for a bit and while yet there does seem to be a majority that do like it there are quite a few that don't and a smattering that seem to not like it solely for the fact that it might be a threat to them. Perhaps I'm reading too much into it but it looks to me like some just are a bit miffed about the car beyond the point of not liking the styling or something small about it. I mean there are people on there who believe Ford wouldn't eclipse the Mach with a GT simply because the Mach is a special edition.
  16. :shrug: Really don't know what your talking about since that's the board I'm at most how many threads are on the subject 2 maybe 3? Get real we all had a chance to wait and knew what the new car would generally look like. The GT is going to cost more and be mass produced. Not too many on this board realize the Mach's been around 12 years your just too young the cobra mustang wasn't even close to a 428 Mach until 03. The new Cobra is just a flash in the 40 years of history. Bring on the Boss :hail2:

    If speed is all your after get an fbody and mod. Looks and daily driving matter to me. Look at this board its the fox body GT owners that seems to have the real issues. I have both and plan on keeping them and adding as the car advances, the 05 gt just doesn't pass the Mach or the Cobra. But I do like the shelby styles even though many on THIS board hate it and hates the RETO style. You have the wrong group, the Mach group love's reto type new cars are fine just not for us.......bring on a 400 to 500 hp car and we're in but a lot are keeping our Mach's.

    My 66 289 4v with the pony package wasn't the fastest in the mustang's 40 years of history much less the 60's but boy do I wish I had that car again. Something about driving a legend and a car you don't see 50 times a day....but hey that's just me. :banana:

    Wonder if that's why some of you have to change body parts to look different?
    I for one can afford to buy a car that's not everywhere.
  17. Urmmm...First off where do you get the GT will cost MORE than a Mach? Unless you are trying to do some confusing backwards math of comparing the Mach's price after rebates to a GT's full MSRP. And there have been more than 2 or 3 threads on the car.

    Ok that's almost borderline insulting but ok...
    You really shouldn't think just because a lot of us are intrested in the 05 that we have no knowledge of the history of the car or appreciation of the older (or newer) versions of the line.

    And the 05 won't accomplish that how? I never said speed is the only thing that mattered to me(straight line speed at that). I simply wondered if this new GT will cause a rift in the community like there is between the V6ers and the V8 guys. I'm not trashing the Mach. Go back and reread my initial post.

    There are a few here and there but the ones that truly hate the new look are no longer posting here and I haven't seen any on here that say they hate the look of the older cars. What the people that don't like about the car is they don't like retro styling cues on a modern car and that's understandable. Subjective but understandable.

    I'm speaking more to the fact it looks like the roots of resentment are already cropping up in certain places in the Mach ranks. I fully acknowledge that some just don't like the look, and others are simply in love with their car, etc...
    However some of the comments don't seem to come from that. I really hope I am wrong and there will be no animosity amongst the owners but having seen how Stang lovers treat other Stang owners who don't happen to have the EXACT kind of car they do I lose hope quickly.
  18. I hang at the Mach1 boards, and have been here at Stangnet for years, as you can see on the left. (This has always been a great site for Mustang people!) I wouldn't say that anyone HATES the new '05's, I chalk it up's just all the anticipation, questions, and wonder about what the new Mustang will actually be like. Sure, everyone wants they're car to be the best, and usually when a new model comes out it's naturally going to be an upgrade from the last one. I think down deep we all know this, and besides that's what aftermarket parts are for...keeping up with the new guys. Hell, I love my new Mach1. It's the best all around Stang I've ever had and I've had a few, but my 19 year old GT will show the tail lights to my new Mach1 in a 1/4 mile drag race. Thats quite a testament to what you can do with any Mustang thanks to how popular these cars are and how the speed parts industry thinks of them! I say long live the Mustang, old & new. I can't wait to see the new ones in person. :nice:
  19. What's your agenda Omegalock? You seem to be going out of your way to try and start some "hate". My advice buy an 04 Mach 1 for 24k/25k because you won't be about to buy an 05 GT for that with the options the Mach has. Thouhgt I'd post your registry BS here so everyone can see your effort to prove your point. Give it a rest and good luck, most of us have what we want were just past the GT stages in our lifes. My next car will be a Shelby/Boss/Cobra not a GT. I already owned 3 fox bodies now time to move up the food chain to the less common Mustangs........

    Omagalocks post on the registry:

    Must be. Hey does anyone know of a good Nissan Altima Forum we could refer this guy to?

    Huh...I thought you said you weren't a car snob.

    Originally posted by nrmustang
    I'm sorry to keep it up, but MAN! I just read some of that Omegawhatever kids post's on stangnet, and it just makes me want to laugh. Why does anybody need to be "lurking around" anywhere?

    What did I say over there what makes you want to laugh exactly?
    Ok let me spell something out for you because it sounds like you don't keep current on internet terms.
    Lurking is the act of reading a message board but not registering.
    A "lurker" usually is intrested in the topic of what ever board they are lurking on and just don't feel like going through the hassle of registering until they have something to actually say.
    Ever notice why there are so many "guests" viewing the boards? They are lurkers. My lurking isn't a cloack and dagger "OH MY GOD! Look at these evil people! I'm gonna go tell!" No far from it. I like the Machs. I liked following the progress of people in their rides seeing how fast they are making them any problems being had, etc... ya know normal car lover stuff. I never registered here to talk about them because I didn't feel like I needed to.


    It seems like he's reporting on us "evil Mach 1 owners". Come on kid, if you dont want to hear about us liking the car that we shelled out good money for, take a hike. You forget, this website is MACH1 registry, for MACH1 owners. What did you expect to hear? If you dont like it, tough! Stay on the general mustang websites.

    Find one single instance where I said ANYTHING like that. Here let me quote my post over there and break it down since
    most of you are taking things far the wrong way.


    Ok here lately over the last 3 weeks or so I've been lurking on Mach boards to see what kind of times they are running etc because if the GT is close to the Mach even in the least it should run close to the same times.

    I have been reading the Mach 1 boards to see what kind of times they are running due to the fact the GT will have a similar power output and similar weight. Ok clear enough? Did I violate any of your rules by doing so if so let me know.


    Something I've noticed is that a decent amount of Mach owners are dang near the point of hating the 05. A few ragging on the fact it will be heavier than the old GT(yet lighter than their car), a few even saying it'll be a 14 second car etc...


    Ok now do you deny that there are people that do not like this car? Do you deny people have made statements infering that the 05 will be heavy without taking into consideration it will likely be lighter than the Mach. Do you also deny people have made statements calling the 05 a 14 second car? All can be found here.
    So did again speaking the truth did I violate a rule of some sort?


    Anybody else think that should the 05 GT run with(or heaven forbid beat) the Mach we might have another nasty intercar rivalry like the V6 owners versus V8 owners?


    Ok after qualifying and giving back ground on why I was thinking about this I ask the question that I wanted opinions on. If the 05 runs with the Mach will we have a nasty intercar rivalry? Those rivalries exist they are well known and documented.
    Again did I do something that offends you by asking if we might have the makings of this in the near future?


    I'd hate to see Mach and 05 GT owners at each other's throats simply because Ford decided to make both cars fast.

    Ok now if this last sentence doesn't prove I meant no mallice and am not out to tattletell or rag on you guys then I don't know what will. I clearly state I'd hate to see Mach and 05 owners at each others throats. I obviously care enough about the Mustang scene enough that I don't want such things to happen. I just wanted to know what other people thought. Again I fail to see the crime in this. Please enlighten me.


    Until you grow up, get a job, and buy your own mustang.........well enough said, go BUY a mustang then well talk.

    No offense but you just said you were not a car snob yet you say car snob opening line number 1. I've driven numerous GTs and Cobras from 94 up. I've watched them run ever since I was 10.
    Though I don't own one I do have enough back ground in the things to make a judgement call about the cars. Nothing I've said thus far is false. You've even admitted to it to a point.

    Now with that said we can continue to debate this like civilized people or you can fly off the handle and join 00GT in the "I toss insults and call other people who haven't done anything trolls."

    Nothing like an expert that doesn't even own a Mustang and never really got to do anything but maybe granny around on someone elses car tell us about a car that isn't even out yet. I've owned 6 and raced quite a few more models so my judgement my be a little better than a mag racer's IMO....
  20. Hey TTown! Chill dude... I'm afraid you'll have a stroke and those DSG owners will be down one more guy... Debating Omegalock is like wrestling with a pig... :bang:

    Come on back home to Mach 1 Registry and lets talk about important stuff like Frank's trips to Hooters! :spot: