Beating a soon to be dead horse. The 05 GT vs the current Mach 1 and their owners.

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  1. I sure don't hate the 05, as a matter of fact, I'm seriously thinking of getting one for my wife! :nice: Do I think it'll be a match for my Mach 1? Not really, but it could be close.

    I bought my Mach 1 because I owned an original 1970 version and I kicked myself in the butt for the better part of 30 years for ever getting rid of that car, and I made a vow that I would buy an 03 Mach 1, personalize it to my tastes, (hence the window louvers, Cobra Jet emblems, and Hurst shifter!), and hold onto it for, well, forever!

    I'm sure that at some point there will be another model Mustang that will come along and kick my Mach 1's ass, hell, the 03 Cobra pretty much does that right now, but that doesn't mean it will make me dislike the Mach 1.

    To me the Mach 1 helps me recapture a little piece of my youth, everytime I buckle in and look out across that shaker hood, it's 1970 all over again for me! That's also why I like the 05, it is the quintessential Mustang, you immediately recognize it for what it is without seeing a nameplate!

    In this day and age of look alike, suppository-shaped, Euro-Jappanese crap, how many other cars can make that claim?

    Nothing looks like a Mustang, sounds like a Mustang, or runs like a Mustang, and I embrace them all, well except maybe for the Mustang II and the Fox bodies, okay so I am a bigot afterall! :D

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  3. So what about Mach1 vs 05 Mustang GT I will have a 05Mustang GT and already have 03 Mach1 I'll have best of broth worlds.

    One more thing the Mach1 has 308hp and 05Mustang GT has 300hp. Where you think some of the parts come from for 05 Mustang GT
  4. How am I going out of my way to start some hate?
    I ask a simple question looking for input here. Wasn't not intended or written to be inflamitory.
    Over there I simply initially started to debate whether the 05 GT would be a 14 second car and whether Ford puts a premium on name plates that prevents cars from the next generations from approaching or besting that level.
    What it turned INTO was people over there reading things all wrong, insulting me and calling me names and basically trying to intimidate me. I'm sticking up for myself as politely as I can and fully gave those other two the chance to drop any misunderstanding and to just debate the facts pure and simple. An invite I extend to you. If you disagree with what I said over on the Mach 1 registry we can go back over there and debate it civil like.

    Well I did think about that however I do like the look of the 05 better and I personally only need the essentials so a long list of options really doesn't appeal too greatly to me.

    Yes I'm trying to prove a point. Just like others over there are.
    The point I'm TRYING to prove but people aren't understanding is that the 05 is not going to be a slow heavy car like some over there are trying to make it out to be and that Ford doesn't have this unwritten rule of a heirarchy system that extends between two different generations of cars. Now if you'd like to point out to me exactly where in that post you quoted I was being
    either unreasonable,trollish, or just flat out wrong I'm willing to listen.

    And I'm glad you are able to do so. And I don't think anywhere I'm trying to convince anybody into buying a GT over a Mach. I just was nicely debating that the 05 wouldn't be slow.

    Sorry but I've done more than just put put around in somebody else's car. Maybe I've known nicer people than you do and who don't clinch when somebody else drives their car hard. Now if you are questioning my opinion on the 05 GT that's one thing but I can look at numbers just as well as anybody else and numbers after you add them all up don't add up to a 14 second car.

    Ok let's just clarify. In your expert judgement you feel what exactly regarding the 05's performance in regards to the Mach given the numbers given by Ford? Significantly slower? Faster? About equal?
  5. Oh btw if anybody is confused about who said what in the above quotes in ttown's post I am replying to someone else. So it goes like...

    other guys....
    my reply
    other guy
    my reply
    so on and so forth.
    If anybody wants to read the thread over there for themselves it's
    I fully welcome anybody pointing out to me where I was being a troll or mean or anything unpleasent because I honestly do not see it.
  6. Hi, Omegalock - I've watched this thread and the other on the Mach 1 Registry with interest. I believe I understand what you were trying to convey. I think that the breakdown first occurred with the title of this post and a couple of key words that perhaps came into play (they are in BOLD).

    "Beating a soon to be dead horse. The 05 GT vs the current Mach 1 and their owners."

    "Something I've noticed is that a decent amount of Mach owners are dang near the point of hating the 05."

    The title mentioned "owners" and the second sentence said "decent amount" and "hating". To me, it sounds like the actual number of people actively rejecting the new car is more than just 2 or 3. In essence, the Mach 1 owners have been classed together and are unreasonably jealous to the point of extreme disdain.

    Take this with a grain of salt, of course. I don't mean to offend you. As I noted in one of my posts, I am extremely excited about the '05. I plan to purchase one to go with the Mach 1. There will always be people who extoll the virtues of the superiority of one car over another and seemingly link their standing in the world to that perceived superiority. I believe many more people will welcome a newer car that is faster that the previous models and for less cost. That is progress!

    Please take care...
  7. Hmmm fair enough and I see your point. Momma always told me hate was a strong word. Guess I should have listened. But by no means was I trying to say all or even the majority of Mach owners hate the 05 but reading it I can see how it can be misconstrued. Sorry to anybody that felt I was downing the Mach or it's owners it was not my intent.
  8. Exactly.....I have a 2003 Mach 1 with 14,000 easy miles & a nice 2007 Honda accord V-6 & love them both..I believe ..whats good is good enough...don't have to have the newest coolest fastest race car available ...hell the pioneers from the 1800's would die to have the vehicles we drive today...they had to rely on horses or wagons with wooden wheels ....we are spoiled & damn lucky .. to have what we have.
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  9. Its all a trade off..I like the fact that you don't see many Mach 1 or Cobras all over town ....the Mach 1 has cheaper insurance & registration fees & I paid cash & did not have to finance & its smaller & gives me more room in the garage
  10. Correct. Mach 1s make me turn my head more as I'm not used to seeing them. They're really cool cars with that one stripe, special hood scoop, and just cool all around look. I know I don't have the fastest car out there but I like it, like what I've done to it, and have only been beaten by a select few :)
  11. Did anyone notice that they are responding to a 4 year old thread?

    I don't mind or anything, i just wondered. :)
  12. Don't ya mean a 13 year old thread? :crazy:
  13. Ha ha! Yep. Noticed that too!
    Bought my 2005 GT brand new in 2005 (pre-order June 2005) and still own it.
    Didn't notice any haters back then 12 years ago. :p
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