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Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by twin_terry, Nov 2, 2004.

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  1. I understand, appreciate & believe in what the person is trying to do.

    But sniping in a non-general forum is wrong.

    He did the same thing last night on a Nissan site.
  2. But I will agree....
    This is not the place for a topic on religion...

    Maybe if it said Jesus would drive a mustang! :nice:

    And ricers are the devil bobby.

    GOD BLESS THE USA!!! :flag:
  3. Do we have to say a prayer for the FREE POST?
  4. :lock:

  5. No you don't understand religion...I hope you get banned for your little stunt...if you understood it you would have respect for other's religions...

    Uh oh guys...watch out...I said "ya'll" that means I can't speak English :bang:
  6. xxxCadillacxxx that's messed up man, :nonono:
    This thread should either be moved or locked.
    Knocking on people's religion wether it be mine or someone elses is just wrong.
  7. Its only fun cause people like you get upset and Im sure there are lots of things you "disrespect"

    Blah, this is so stupid.
  8. :lol: :nice:
  9. :rlaugh: Great movie!! Dogma. Kevin Smith is a genius!
  10. Oh and BTW this same douche bag has posted this same info in the

    - 5.0 Tech
    - 4.6 Tech
    - Classic Mustang
    - Press Releases

    Forums. His 4 posts are all this same post. He joined today. Probably just to post this stuff.
  11. post this in some other forum NOT HERE this is for MUSTANGS :bang: :bs: :notnice:
  12. Free Post

    Push you're religion elsewhere please. :chair:

    Just like a door to door religion salesman :mad: Make's me mad as hell, I dont push my opinions or beliefs on anyone, pisses me off when others do.
  13. saw this coming. Someone posts a religous post, other people knock said religion, people get offended.. yada yada yada. this has been going on for centuries folks. You know what?? if the original poster respected peoples right to their own religious beliefs he never would have posted this in the first place and such arguement would have never followed. People who go around trying to push their religion on others deserve whatever disrespect they get in return. That's my belief on it. I don't discuss or argue or even state my own spiritual beliefs and i will keep it that way. I also don't knock anyone elses religion. Religious beliefs and spirituality should be left to individuals not governements and ESPECIALLY NOT MUSTANG FORUMS!!! :D. I hope this thread gets locked soon.

  14. I hate people who try and bring what they believe on other people...... take that religous stuff outta here

    free post though :bs: :banana: :banana: :banana: :spot:
  15. yeay before the lock :flag:
  16. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  17. zzzzzzooooowwwwwwieeee!! :banana:
  18. :stupid: ............... :banana:

  19. Um...part of your statements are true...people will always argue their points...

    The original post was not to PUSH any religion on anybody...he/she said to check it out...you don't have to check it out if you don't want to...

    I don't care if one is athiest, christian, buddhist, etc...respect needs to be shown to the religions...

    It would have been much simpler to put this is a mustang Tech forum and not a religious forum...not posting "sick" pictures or slamming those of religion...
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