Beauty or Blasphemy?

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  1. What do you guys think?

    I think it's incredible. My heart was racing as it watched this.
  2. I think its a pretty cool setup. Would be fun to drive.
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  3. I think its just an overdone show car. I can appreciate the time and work that went into it, but honestly just do not care for overly custom stuff like this. I dig the powerplant though.
  4. Disagree... That thing was purpose built to have the crap driven out of it.
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  5. Beauty. He made it better. I don't think the car was a Boss 429 in the first place. Even if it was, I would still approve on the build. Not like he chop a T-top on the car. He made it better.
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  6. IF it is on the road and not in a scrap heap I am for it. hate to see the bodies waste away.
  7. bodie stroud is an artist who makes things better, and often times starts with junk that most restorers wouldnt even touch. i fully approve of his efforts. another mustang rescued from the scrap heap.
  8. I think anything is better then stock.How many time can you go to a car show and see a mustang with rally wheels and pony interior.That takes no thought process, just replacing parts. To design a car that all parts work together and look right isnt easy.
  9. He's an artist for sure and has a one off car. Plus like it was mentioned another Mustang saved from the junkyard
  10. i can dig it
  11. one more nice thing is that stroud used a ford engine in a ford car. some builders would have put in a chevy motor, or even(shudder) a chrysler motor.
  12. no, no, noooooo!!
  13. I like it. Being in the middle of trying to restore one on my own I am simply blown away by the effort and work that was done to it. An unbelievable amount of work, that motor, incredible. Frankenstang!!