Becarefull what you video your self doing lol

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  1. ****ty thing, I saw about three stills out of that entire video, with the voiceover, and I'm on DSL. :notnice:

  2. yeah... was real jumpy for me too.. (I'm on cable)

    the jist of it was that like 8 or 9 VW drivers were cruisin down to a show.. somone called the police and said they were driving recklously... the state troppers pulled over the entire group of cars... some of the cars were video taping the drive down and those tapes showed them weaving in and out of construction cones... going fast... passing in the shoulder... ect... so they are going to use that in court against them...
  3. LOL I have to wait to go to work to see this I am on (Cough Cough) Dial-up at home but have 2-T-1 lines at work to use. I tried here and after 30 mins the thing was ran through and when I pressed play it began to buffer again.
  4. the joy's of dial up. I remember the good ol days of online gaming with dialup. Being the king-o-lag isnt so bad, most rounds of counterstrike lasted pretty long....took a good 5 mins before i found out i was dead :D
  5. Juml........Freeze........enemy.............freeze.............been dead for 5 mins now...............................................unfreexe with the entire opposing team from Unreal Tournament in front of you unloading still ==== Fun Gaming
  6. I've never played counter strike but I've had my fair share on online gaming with a dail up :rolleyes: Man sometimes it would lag up so bad it would take way longer than 5mins before you found out I was dead. Now dieing didn't bother me that was when something I killed droped some Kick a$$ item and all I can do is watch someone else pick it up due to lag :bang:
  7. LOL, I remember those days of dial-up counterstrike. Back then though, it seemed like everyone had it. The thing I hate the most was switching maps and never getting to play the "pistol round". :bang: I wouldn't get there until round 2.

    Any of you all still play, I just started playing again this summer. Road Runner is sweet. :D
  8. heh, i haven't gamed for quite awhile. Used to be really into it (Computer tech by profession) much so, we used to host LAN parties at my friends house with as many as 20 pc's. Playing the original Half-life on the Datacore level was intence with 20 people, hours on end with a kill list in the hundreds. Usualy it would be a 15-1 ratio of killing/death for back in the day no one wanted to play that level with me :)
  9. Just finally got to see that video, I didnt know that men were allowed to buy VW's arent they only sold to women now??

    I can see any type of yound drivers in a line doing that actually but in construction that is dumb.