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  1. ok, well as everyone knows christmas is coming up, and i was debating getting my car wet sanded and a tripple thick clear put on, or do the exhaust

    first off, i dont have a lot of money to be throwing into either, maybe 500-550 total

    so what would you do? the car is completely stock and i just want a nice cat back exhaust for now, or a very nice show quality finish on a bone stock 96 GT

    around feb (my birthday) ill do the H pipe and suspension anyway, so whats your advice
  2. exhaust.. exterior can wait..

    btw.. i got my MRT o/r h-pipe the other day. Now i'm waiting for my Magnapack catback to come in.. :D
  3. I say do the exterior first. If you dont, your just asking for trouble down the road. The paint needs upgraded and then waxed for sealed protection. Especially with winter being here and all. Just my .02 cents.
  4. ...

    Unless you're painting it yourself, 550$ isn't going to get you a show quality paint job. :shrug:

    I'd probably do exhaust unless the paint is just horrible.

  5. exactly what i was thinking...
  6. Uhm. He said he was just going to get it wet sanded and clear coated. Im pretty sure for 550 dollars you can get a decent clear coat put on and have an ok wet-sanding job where it needs it. Not trying to start a fight here or anything. Just sharing my thoughts.
  7. get the clear coat if its in desperate need, and some fuzzy dice :)

    and if not, id lower the car first before i did anything
  8. Exhaust, unless the paint is really crappy
  9. i understand.. $500-600 is still far away from enough for the whole car to be clearcoated..
  10. Well, I was given a quote once from a local auto body shop on how much it would cost to have my entire car sanded down, primed, painted(multi-layeter) and clearcoated. The total was approx. 3,000 dollars. I figure the most expensive part is paying them for their tiime to do the sanding, priming, and painting. Between costs for materials and most importantly, time, is probalby the reason its so expensive. Im sure if he looks around, he could find a decent automotive paintshop to clear-coat the entire car for around 550-600 bucks. Now, wet sanding also, Im not sure. It depends on where he's located and what the typical cost in his area is for labor and parts.
  11. eeek.. it's clearcoating the car is just like painting the car again mang. Trust me. I've been around too many of my friends that are paint peeps.

    but you're right. i'm sure he could find a place to do it. It won't be show quality though.. :(
  12. hmmm, well the car is completely stock so i do want to begin modding, and i figure exhaust would be a good start, but why would i want to lower it forst?

    anyway, the car was just painted a couple months ago, but it could really use a wet sand and clear coat (it was a MACO style job in that the clear was mixed with the paint)

    i think ill go with the exhaust first though, so what are some good suggestions? looking for a nice deep idle and a clean WOT and still have some gains as far as HP and what not (im new to mod motors)
  13. MAGNAFLOW... The exterior of your car probably is fine. that should be the last thing on your mind. Engine is priority number 1..
  14. true, the magnaflow cat back huh? i dont know too much about it, whats it run price-wise? wheres a good place to get it? is it something i could install with basic hand tools and some jack stands or do i need a lift to do it right?
  15. Do the mid pipe first, you'll get a power gain that you can feel. Cat back is just for sound. This summer I did Magnaflow Magnapacks cat back, then I did the catted X 2 months ago. I wish I had done the X pipe first, power :worship:

    You can find Magnaflow cat backs on eBay for pretty good prices, or, and especially though StangNet's
  16. you can do which ever you want first catback or mid pipe but catback isn't just for sound. Magnaflowed dynoed and gains 9-10 rwhp. Ebay is your best bet and are really cheap for your year Stang. Just pay attention to which ones which. When you're bidding. Fulllineexhaust and everyone else has jacked up their prices so i wouldn't go to them. As for your mid pipe go with H pipe, it'll not only sound better but goes hand and hand with your pushrod design engine. Modulars are better off with the X-pipe design for sound and efficiency.

    Everything can be done by yourself like you said with the jacks and simple tools. As for price range should be lower than $250.... good luck brugh
  17. I put on Magnaflow Magnapacks cat back first, noticed no power. I put their x pipe on, noticed power. Maybe the combination made the x pipe addition feel faster than it would have been if I did it first, but if I were to do it again, x pipe first, cat back later.
  18. good to go. what kind of car do you have mang?
  19. um, pushrod? ohhhh i need to change my avitar.......ive got a 96GT now
  20. WY would you want to put a catback on it first? It’s the same freaking thing to me:D

    Heck with the catback put the exhaust parts on it that make a difference like headers or h-pipe/x-pipe if your staying with the stock manifolds.