been a while, camber issues with sn95 spindles

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  1. i have an 87 coupe, turbo swap yadda yadda, i installed 95 sn95 spindles, rotors, calipers etc........ i can not for the life of me get the camber straight in the car, the strut plates are cambered all the way in and the tires still camber out, i am at a loss, will caster camber plates fix this problem, or am i looking at a lower control arm swap??? it still has the stock 1987 camber plates but i didnt wanna spend the money on adjustable plates if it wasnt gunna fix the issue.

    1989 lincoln lsc rear end in the car btw 5 lug disc 8.8 form the factory which sticks out a lil more on each side so i was also kinda wondering if the sn95 lower control arms in the front would make the front match the back in width, kill two birds with one stone lol

    any help or info is GREATLY appreciated

  2. Your going to want to do the sn95 control arm swap up front.
  3. well update , im going big and not going home lol, im going with the tube k-member and coil overs in the front, trying to find a manual rack but i dont really know about how to go about deleting the powersteering pump, i reckon i could switch to v-belt or something, or just keep the power steering on the car , but anyways im putting a tube k-member, coilovers, and caster camber plates on it and also lower an inch or so. This damn car is slowly costing me an arm and leg lol although i cant complain i just got a k-member , coilovers, caster-camber plates, and a 255lph walbro for 300 bucks, and its all brand new, guy went crazy buying stuff then gave up on his project so i caught a good deal
  4. When I deleted my p.s., I had that issue with the belt drive also. I'm assuming you have the dual serpentine belt drive. I got a new idler pulley that matched the one for the a/c compressor drive belt, put it on the tensioner by the alternator, and got a smaller belt (25 inch) that just runs from the waterpump, to the alternator, and around the tensioner, with the tensioner on the inside of the belt. Sorry my pictures are kinda fuzzy. 2012-04-22_15-12-07_121.jpg 2012-04-22_15-12-25_95.jpg
  5. I put the spindles on the front of my wife's '91 5.0 from a '95 Cobra and had no issues.
    I did take the car and had the front end aligned with no issues.

    I just put the front spindles and brakes from her '91 5.0 on my '88 4 cyl car. I had to get the toe reset because there is apparently a huge difference in the spindles where the outer tie rods attach. when I was done and set the car on the ground you could see that the wheels were toed way in.
  6. my buddy says the spindles/ brake setup is off a 95 v6 var, i put them on a 1987 coupe and my tires were toed in really bad i juts unscrewed the outters some an the toe was fine but they cambered out really bad so i tried to camber them in as far as they would go and they are still cambered out, i have 95 gt wheels the 17in 5stars with the middle of the spoke machined out, i dunno hopefully the kmember/coilover/castercamber plates will fix my issue