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  1. I'm building a '68 Mustang It has the original 289. I will be replacing the C-4 with an AOD. I bought some of the modified Tyr-Y Headers from Scott Drake, they will clear the Bell Housing as advertised, but the collectors hit the valve body area of the Transmission. Has anyone in this Forum done this swap, and do you know of any long tube headers that will clear the Transmission? :shrug::shrug::shrug:
  2. Can you just trim a bit off the collector to gain clearance? If you took the header off and hit with/on a grinder wheel?
  3. No, I'd end up removing most of the collector flange. I decided to go with a set of shorties before I spent good $$$ on another set of long tube headers. I have a customer with a 67 that has a set of long tube Hooker Headers who wants me to do an AOD swap, but I can't get in touch with him till he returns from deployment to see if they have more clearance than the Try-Y's. Thanks for replying though.
  4. I've had two separate occasions where the collector hit the trans pan. I was able to get some clearance, with just grinding the edges. I only needed 1/16 or so, so no big deal. Good luck with the AOD swap...
  5. Had the headers hit on a 302 C6 combo in a 70 fast back . Ground the collector a little . The trany oil pan hung over the side a bit ,i gently hammerd it and it cleared , used heat tape on the trany between the header to keep it cooler