Fox Been Awhile. What Do You Guys Think About This Fox?

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  1. Umm my stock bottom end in my 93 took 15 psi and made 540+ at the wheels.

    The pistons are fine if the tune is on point, the block will crack before the pistons break (unless :poo:ty tune)

    My motor is still tearing it up in a late 60's bronco now
  2. haha I wish you didnt tell me that
  3. I honestly havent looked much into the turbo aspect of these cars. I currently have a 375ish hp turbo volvo that is megasquirted so I am familiar with turbo systems but I just need to do some research on what all I will need to get besides the on3 kit.

    Grover feel free to chime in
  4. Bout time theres another Volvo guru around here!! You got an R by those numbers?

  5. My bottom end was running 530 rwhp with the previous setup on an s trim. Lived a few years like that until the crank walked
  6. S trim if you want simple proven and damn near bulletproof, S trim combo will make more than enough to crack a stock block. Any way you go I highly suggest a good balancer and a quality tune.
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  7. when you want to do the E-Fan and 3g just let me know they are so easy it would take maybe an hour to do both I would suggest a nice radiator at the same time for summer temps.
  8. 240 actually

    and I am more of a turbo guy to be honest.

    I was originally planning just keeping the engine fairly stock with a single turbo kit. However I am thinking I should do a decent HCI first then go to the turbo. I am sure my mind will change 500x by the time something actually happens lol. Considering I have owned it a total of 26 hours.
  9. But that 240 is getting either parted out or sold since I got this mustang.

    Funds from that will fund this thing. Looking forward to it.
  10. Sounds good man. Ill send you a pm soon to get a little more info from you about it.
  11. That 240 is pretty ****in.
  12. haha thanks guys, it is definitely a fun car and it is different which is why I like it.

    However being almost 30 now I feel a little out of place driving it, I got to drive the mustang a little yesterday and I feel much more at home there.
  13. Meh, im in my early 40's and would drive the chit out of that!
  14. theres actually a local guy selling a 5 lug swap using the whole rear diff and everything from a 95 gt.
    He is asking a pretty fair price as well. Thinking about picking it up, only concern is the wider diff and use of different wheels.
  15. heres the exhaust I built for it, its quite loud lol so driving it a lot isnt very fun, its entertaining, but not fun lol
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  16. was having some weird vibration issues with the mustang. Came at around 70mph and when you get on it. Checked the driveshaft and the ujoints definitely have some play. The output shaft also has some play, id say it move up/down about 1/16" ish.
    Hopefully just a driveline thing

    Ordered an aluminum driveline for it and some new stock headlights
  17. Heres a few interior shots of it, pretty decent condition.

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  18. looks good man
  19. woop got the AC working, lets see how it holds up
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