1. he just stopped popped in to say hi. still have the stang but haven't drove it in quite a while. Picked up a 92 eclipse gsx for my new toy, its a lot of fun!
  2. Hello Shane. Glad all is well.
  3. so how are you and your family...and the svo doing? lol
    i haven't been on here since early november, i miss the stang but the eclipse is so much faster, awd is nice too!
  4. good. SVO is good, LX still isn't finished. Just don't turn into a ricer!
  5. oh no way i'd go rice, its just about the power. i don't need a park bench on the back and all that other Fast&Furious crap. keeping it stock looking for awhile, then maybe a set of wheels and a few gauges but that'll be it, the rest will be performance only stuff.