Been Busy These Last Few Weeks...

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  1. things have been CRAZY the last few weeks... havent even driven my car in months!

    picked up the turbo car so the NOS car can be retired...
    first night at the track with it we dropped a valve. the springs had about 360lbs of open pressure. and with a 600 lift solid roller cam thats not even close to the types of pressure we need. we still went [email protected]

    so the stud mount rockers came out along with the exhaust valve and new springs locks and retainers all around. had titanium locks and retainers with nitech springs installed (775 open pressure to give us some head room).

    missed the race at SGMP so we could get the car back together and get more testing in. went to the final call at 75/80 had to get out of the gas a bit and went [email protected] mph so the power was there and more! just needed to get it to stay hooked up and bring it in faster!
    well the 2nd pass we broke what we thought was a cam pin and bolt. turned out to be a broken lifter which scored the cam up. got lucky and no bent valves. so the whole motor is out currently getting new cam new rings rods and bearings to get rid of the heavy ass steel rods. going to GRP aluminum rods so we can free up a good bit of power. the old cam turned out to be an NA street strip cam according to bullet cams. so the new one should actually be a turbo cam.

    we will be missing the last points race at cecil for the season to make the push to get the car ready for ford fever and the WCF at MIR where we will be running it out the back!
  2. Are there really deep pockets behind all this or is it sponsorship? Wow.
  3. When is WCF at MIR?
  4. sponsors would be great! know any???

    nov 1-3
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  5. stop by and say hi then! depending when you come by i'll have plenty of food on the grill also!
  6. I most definitely will!
  7. Been wondering where you were hiding...
  8. Going over a car
    Pulling heads
    Reinstalling heads
    Putting new rockers on it
    Having new push rods over nighted from smith brothers
    Going over a car again
    Pulling heads off
    Finding broken lifter
    Pulling motor
    Researching cams
    Trying to find a 5.400" aluminum rod in stock

    And here I am lol... Pretty much been in the shop working our asses off
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  9. Someone really missed the spring pressure, it had to be a mistake and not intentional. That is hydraulic spring territory! Whos lifters, brand? When the valve train goes in to harmonics $hit will brake! Are you going shaft mounted rocker? Im running more spring pressure on my car that is solid roller street car. I think im about 500lbs on the nose.

  10. im also surprised your not in +.8" lift short duration cams!
  11. that's it? :cool:
  12. The new springs are around 775 open pressure...
    Had jesel shaft mount y2k rockers rushed. We are thinking there was a cam change from hydraulic to solid roller and never had the springs changed.
    It's got comp solid rollers in it and we gave a new set going in. We ran them in the nitrous car without issue. They get replaced yearly and are a 3rd the cost of jesels.
  13. Thanks for the refresher on why I'm so glad I gave up drag racing.:nice:

    I'm still sorry you had the bad luck.

    I'm not sorry it wasn't me.;)
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  14. I will be at mir hopefully drive the car down there
  15. 1 week away...

    no motor
    no cam
    no rods

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  16. You forgot "no sleep"
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  17. I'm sure I'll get some till Tuesday after that it's iffy
  18. the new cam is at Roche racing engines! the new rods and belt drive will be there monday!
  19. new motor plate is done! rods should be here today cranks getting re balanced and should be picking it up tomorrow!