Been Busy These Last Few Weeks...

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  1. well motor should be getting picked up today so we will see how little sleep i get the next few days
  2. Good luck! and time for a new Sig picture lol
  3. guess i sould work on that!
  4. Pic's of the new motor please!

  5. looks just like the old one...
    just did new rods cam lifters rings and bearings along with a belt drive to get rid of the timing chain
  6. will looks just like this...

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  7. picking it up tonight... should be in and running around 2am lol
  8. no noise as of yet... left the shop at around 4am. the new jesel belt drive shanged the motor plate location a good bit. which jesel told us it wouldnt and would leave it in the stock timing cover location.

    motors in the car everything for the most part is bolted up. and ready to go. got to move the motor plate mounts back a good bit and finish up a few small odds and ends
  9. we fired it up last night around 10ish... and the race this weekend has been called...
  10. got out with it sunday to cecil took the front half soft due to the track prep tried running a pass out and went about 800' and tapped the limiter