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  1. ok i have been racking my brain. i have a 4.6l dohc out of a 93 Lincoln mark viii. on the passenger head i am missing a fitting that feeds the heater core. i cannot find that part online any where. so is it a ford part only or am i going to have to go to the junk yard? also does this part have a name? any and all help would be great

    thanks - steven
  2. Pics are awesome

    Is this the part you're looking for?


    Or this one?

  3. Bump any ideas?
  4. Where you see them adding the threads to the block....that is there the second item that Noobz posted goes. The first thing he posted, connects to that nipple and goes to the heater from there.

    I think you are confused by that other post....that is a custom cooling system mod on a race engine that will never need a heater.
  5. yes i know it is a custom mod. i am no longer running a heater core. the reason for me wanting to do this mod. is it will be a boosted motor. i would like to get the best flow in and out of the heads in an attempt to keep them cooler. its the fitting that is bolted to the back of the head i cannot find any where. i dont know if it is a stock part or if its a factory part, or even a part from another vehical.

    any help is greatly appreciated thank you -steven
  6. Here are the parts.


  7. WOO HOO!
    yes sir that is them with p/n amazing thank you so much that is a great help
  8. MMR makes a coolant mod that connects the rear cylinders. I don't know if you need to go to the level of connecting the front of the block to the back.
  9. well i am not running a heater core so that is where it will have to return to the pump. if you look at post #17 that is why i cam connecting both heads back to the pump. also it is suppose to help keep heads cooler
  10. Ah, got it. I missed that part.