Beeping from dash???

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  1. Any one had a beeping noise coming from their dash that sounded like the emergency broadcast warning, or almost like a battery back up losing power? This started this morning and almost can make it crackle by moving the car??

  2. I didn't see what year you have, do you have air bags? If the warning light bulb for the cluster burns out or has a problem it will trigger the buzzing. also check the pulg at the air bag module it's in the ceter of dash behind the radio( you would have to take it out) you could also have an air bag fault and if the warning bulb is burnt you wont know it. other than maybe something is wrong with the chime box for the doors and key in the ignition :shrug:
  3. HMMM The air bag light has flashed ever since I have owned it. We got it with very very low miles and have driven it daily for the past 5 years. It now has 76K on it. That light has flashed the entire time. It's a 93 by the way sorry. The noise does sound like it's coming from behind the radio though.
    The sound also would go in a sequence, almost a sequence that the air bag light is flashing. HMMMM
  4. I agree. It sounds like the air bad module is beeping. Mine was doing that in my 93. I took the bulb out cause it was flashing ( couldnt find the problem) and when I did that it started dinging 5 dings in a row. I finally took the air bag module out to make it stop (mine was a blue box right behind the heater controls). When I sold the car I informed the new owner that the air bags were not functioning and gave him the module.
  5. Mine does it, too. I know exactly what you're referring to and mine has been doing it intermittently for a couple of years. It beeps 3 times waits a couple of seconds and then does it again, but it doesn't do that all the time, and I have no idea why. I don't care if a light is burned out. I just want to know how to disable it. Subscribing...


    edit: ****, maybe it is 5 times in a row. So, how to I end it's existence?
  6. OK so I guess I will pull the radio out and hear if it's it. Then unplug!
  7. I think its behind the heater control... you maybe able to get to it from back side under dash.. pretty sure its a blue box.
  8. 5 beeps doesn't indicate the code it means the indicator is out and a fault code is present. remove the radio and mounted under the heater controls will be a blue box with 3 8mm bolts, unplug it and remove at your own discretion. If you have a working air bag light and pull the box the light will blink non stop so the bulb will also have to be removed. Be advised you will no longer have a working air bag system and you do so at your own peril. just covering my butt.
  9. That sounds right. I thought the 5 beeps was a code because my air bag light had been flashing 5 times in a row. Then when I took the light bulb out it dinged 5 times.

    I agree with everything you stated, not tryn to disagree at all.
  10. If I remember correctly the air bag code was for a power loss issue. Ya think by replacing module it might fix my original problem that it has had for years? Like I stated the light has been flashing for as long as I have owned the car.
  11. I have no clue.... did you ever check the fuses? Im sure you did but thought I would ask....
  12. Didn't think you where just wanted to add that.
  13. Fuses = check. Good.
  14. Mine does the same thing. It's Airbag code 51. It's gotta be a connection problem. It used to beep cleanly, but sometimes would intermittently stop, then start again. Now it beeps faintly with a lot of static and crackling. Instead of the beeeep beeeep... I get bee*...crackle bee. bee crackle .crackle like it's constantly disconnecting and re-connecting over and over again. I think I'm going to remove that thing in fear of the airbag poppin me in the face someday while I'm driving.
  15. Yup mine has the crackling tone as well. It went away the day I posted this. That was Saturday?? Then the car stayed in the garage the rest of the weekend. I drove it this AM and it started again. Shouldn't be to aggrevating to remove the ac controls to unplug it. You guys say to remove it, can't ya just unplug it and leave it be?
  16. Yes I just did that to mine I pulled the bulb and yanked the module and replaced it with a car alarm module.

    You can just unplug it as well that will get it to stop beaping.