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  1. I did the 1.7 super sports. awesome!!!! now Im not a 4x4 stang anymore!!!!


    ohh yeah basanni cat-back, CCplates, bumpsteer & pro 5.0 also added!!
  2. looks great! how much? CC-plates and springs. i've gotta get that done!!

  3. thanks... i love it!!!

    I got them done at all ford perfomance 360-993-1740. Bought the parts at blueoval performance 360-993-1745. ccplates are 189.99 and supersports are 239.99.

  4. Misha:

    Don'tcha just feel great when you get that lowered stance!!! :D
  5. YEAH, we swore that we wouldnt mod the heck of of this one, but we're pretty much done. the only other thing we would do would be to put on "bling bling" wheels and an alarm...


    Now we just need out son to turn 16 so we can take all 3 cars to the shows and cruize in- wait what am I thinking. If i think Im getting raped now for insurance... ohh man a teen driver!!!
  6. looks good..sounds good too :nice:
  7. Yeah baby!! It looks good Misha...
  8. dang-a-dang
  9. Really tight, gotta love it. :nice:

    I'll be lowering my stang this weekend with the Eibachs, and adjustable lower control arms.
  10. Funkin TIGHT !!!
  11. car looks great, the way it should.
  12. Looks good Misha, ....hey tell the hubby, if he has one of his wheels off for some reason, I would love to borrow it for about two hours. Need to put a bullet wheel on my 70 for a trial fit, before I buy em'... (just set it in place and step back and admire, check with wheel turned bothe ways, then Ill give it back.)

    :flag: :nice: