Before and After: Your Stang

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  1. lmao... simple...clean...sleeper

    Before: [​IMG]

  2. Laser, that's the slickest looking laser red wax job I've ever seen. Makes me want to dive into the paint job, and just swim around a little.

  3. That car is slow:p

    Saw it
  4. Keep em coming! I'm enjoying seeing the visions of others :)
  5. its mostly been restoring.....but..

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  6. EVERYONE'S been telling me that but shortblock comes first. Then 03 Cobra mirrors and a new hood. Too bad the mirrors are so freaking expensive.

    I noticed too, especially whenever I park beside my buddies 03 Cobras.

    The new Shelby GT500s have those cheap looking plastic mirrors as well. :nonono:
  7. 03 cobra mirrors prepped and painted $450+. Stock mirrors prepped and painted: $120. The money you save can almost buy you a new hood. ;)

    After you get a new shortblock, what's the plans?!
  8. My car is exactly the same. :( I've had it for a year.
  9. the bug WILL bite :nice:
  10. WHAT?! I didn't pay anywhere near that much for mine.
    Got the blimished New Mirror at the carlisle for $120(it was black, and had huge scratch on one, and other had dent in powdercoated metal base).
    Got it prepped and painted for $50.
    drink 3 cans of beer while installing it - $8

    $178 lata and vo'la!
  11. Well duh, you got them used and busted up. lol. Brand new I think they run around $350. Most people don't find them beat up and damaged for $120 lol. You, my friend, are the exception. :p

  12. I was bored ....




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  13. You're infamous for doing this, aren't you?



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  14. Well, they were new thats dmg'ed. But ya i got lucked out on that. I wouldn't have cared if they were hot pink and had rainbow stripes on 'em with peewee's load on it since i was gonna paint it anyway.
    Shows like carlisle is a good idea as they are much much more receptive to decent offer as most of them don't want to take things back

    They are out there. U just have to look around.

    No way i would have paid $350 for them tho:nonono:
  15. I love this pic posted by Dusstbuster, so i modified it.

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  16. You know tha deal. :nice:

    Since it's already kinda silly, I modified it some more.


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  17. But the 03's can fold and that is liek, so cool! :(

    Current plan is shortblock w/cams on 14 PSI followed with 150 nitrous. It should push me over the 600whp mark. Since I'm currently looking for a house, I wont have the $$$ anytime soon to get a KB 2.6L.
  18. i like.....:nice:

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  19. The day i brought it home.



  20. 02Laser, you make me sick...

    Greensix - Interesting choice to stray AWAY from the Mach1 look. :nice: