Before I Spend Almost 400 On A Fan Come In Here !

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  1. So got the new mishimoto rad in . Car runs great cruising now im mean it was warm but humid and i saw temps on the pms as low as 168 while cruising the . My issue is when stopping at a light it warms up and i did see 200 but nothing more on the pms. I am thinking that i have no way around but to put a black magic extreme in this thing and call it a day so i can move the air at idle. Any other suggestions??
  2. in fact yes i do have another suggestion, do a taurus electric fan install. search the forum for a couple of threads on that very subject.
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  3. There are cheaper fan options but the Black Magic Extreme 185 is a good fan!
    Ask me how I know ;)
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  4. Then why are you asking for options?
  5. Jegs, and Summit both sell their version of that fan for about 150.00. 16" fan w/ integral shroud, adjustable thermostat, w/ A/C control in the relay, and a rubber gasket. I had one on the red car. Additionally, I bought one of those universal 1" deep aluminum shroud kits that cut to fit so that the fan sucked air through the entire core, and not just the space it was stuck up against. That cost an additional 80-90 bones. All of thata was installed against one of those two core universal fit Jegs/ Summit alum radiators. My car sat in traffic at Mustang week, in the middle of July and the temp never exceeded my tstat.
    sum-g4908_w_ml.jpg sum-g4860_cp_ml.jpg
    145.97 175.97
  6. He's not the guy asking.

    Just because he has a red car in his avatar does not automatically make him the OP.;)
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  7. Whoops sorry guys. Coffee hadn't kicked in yet
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  9. 168 is too low. What are you running for a thermostat?

    Why do you think you need a fan for? 200 degrees is within normal operating envelope for a fuel injected car. Most modern cars run in the 190-210 range when new. If the temp was creeping up near 220 degrees, i might get concerned, but if it's leveling off around 200 and not creeping miuch higher when at a stop light, it wouldn't really concern me. Does the temp drop as soon as the car starts moving?

    What fan is in there now?
  10. It's got a stock clutch fan in it . My major concern it with alum heads it just bothered me a bit being that high again maybe I am being a little bit over protective . The 168 number was on the highway and that's because it got real chilly last night here and the humidity went low so obviously
    I was getting real cool air. The afr was ok according to the wide band , anything over 2500 my pms goes into stand alone

    I put a 160 stat in it when I had the intake off because I felt it was running too warm when I had it out with a 180 in it . The blower deffinitley creates a lot of heat. and too add highest I saw on the pms was 202 at a light , and drops right off as soon as your moving like it should .
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  11. LMFAO your like me in the morning I got a good kick out of that !
  12. I just installed a set of dual 11" spal fans on my car and they work very well so far.
  13. I'm partial to the Derale fans... I used the Twin derale fan setup in my car before we put the tubular front end on and gear drive. It was a bad @$$ setup and kept my car cool on some of the hottest days. It moved 4,000 cfm, the only draw back was that with both fans running it used almost 50 amps so you better have a wicked charging system. I just happen to have the old setup out of my car sitting in the shop looking for a new home. @TOOLOW91 PM me if you get a chance
  14. FWiW, My car with the one baby radiator in it now sees 220 all the time if we drive it on the street and I have yet to have a problem running it like that. I think I would be concerned at 230 or greater..
  15. Nick Thank you lol of course i see this after i ordered the black magic anyway. I don't think my charging system would keep up with those fans and my stereo and stuff at night .It has a 3g setup with 4ga wire but 50 amps is big draw :eek: I guess i was just being a nervous Nelly lol.

    I got the bm extreme for 359 with discount from LateModel . Score !!
  16. You won't be unhappy with that fan! You can put the stock thermostat back in too.
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  17. My car runs at a constant 195-205 and in traffic will creep over that a little. If you are seeing that, you have no cooling issues IMO. I had a 3 row champion radiator on my 302 and it ran too cool. I prefer a bit of heat in the motor. It runs more efficiently IMO
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  18. Oh, heads up! Be sure to mount the entire assembly upside down so you don't have to look at that huge awful looking top mounting bracket!
    When you get it, you'll see what I'm talking about. LOL
  19. Kind of funny I was considering it the other night and I went and looked through the recent pics thread of your car and wondered to myself what fan does he have in that thing . that explains it !
  20. Yep it looks soooo much cleaner mounted as I have it. Its a real nice fan kit and performs well but I don't know what they're thinking with that bracket?