BEFORE you butcher a 4 eye... (56k beware)

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  1. 1986 project

    First off those are some sick cars. I have a '86 hatch that i'm doing a build on. I'm painting it charcoal gray but can't decide whether to go with the black trim and sail panels or to go soild like the very first car in the thread. Any opinions?
  2. I could use another Capri nose. :D

  3. Have I put up pics of my car in here since the 5-lug swap?


  4. 3 out of the 5 I have owned have been 86 coupes.

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  5. seeing all of these has made up my mind on getting a 85...i love the look of the newer wheels on older stangs nice car nikwoac
  6. posts like this make me glad I started this thread :nice:
  7. I found a t top notch and I may try and get it. I will switch it to areo :D.
  8. step one: learn how to spell "aero."

    step two: find another thread to post about that in besides this one, instead of being purposefully disrespectful to the guys who love these cars.

    step three: do whatever you want to your own car.
  9. I was joking hence the :D.
  10. I knew you were kidn... even tho you smooch on Satan. =)
  11. There were 4-eyes all over Ocean City this weekend! :nice:
  12. Thanks, man!

    That red Mercury is faptastic!
  13. This car is perfect. I love the stance and the rear tire.
  14. I've always thought suicide doors would be cool on a Fox... I'd need to see more pics.

    ^^ That paint job made me puke in my mouth a little. ^^
  15. What about 4-eyed convertibles?
  16. I just posted the pic since it was a 4 eye although I agree on the paint job. The blue on the nose is nice too bad they stopped. I don't have anymore info on the other one.
  17. Are those SSP wheels? Cool car! Moar pix! Kthxbai.