BEFORE you butcher a 4 eye... (56k beware)

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  1. that car would be perfect without the suicide doors they only belong on older cars.
  2. I still think an 85-86 gt with t-tops is about the sexiest fox mustang ford ever built. It just screams tough.

    I'm still gonna put an 85-86 nose on my 88 one day :)
  3. about 10 years ago.....
    about a week ago....
    not mine but my motivation to get mine going now!

    and my old 84
  4. Glad I saved this one, here are updated pics
  5. ^ love that car!!! awesome work man!!
  6. this is probably the best thread on all of stangnet
  7. You know what's funny? I bought mine when I was 17, but at the time what I really wanted was an aero GT. Now (8 years later) I love 4 eyes, and if I was to buy another Fox, it would be a 4 eye coupe. Funny how tastes change.
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  8. Great looking foxes in the this thread. I would love to pick one up
  9. After restoring this 82 GT we got at the shop, I REALLY want an 82 GT. Such a bad ass car.
  10. Even though I own an areo I totally agree with this statement.
  11. The first car (86 hatch i think) is one of the sexiest cars i have ever seen! to hack a four eye is just a crime! i agree to convert back can be a nightmare and most times not worth the trouble... but they are fine looking cars.
  12. Yes they are.
  13. ill throw mine in here too. one of my sail panels went sailing after a paint job so i put in the mustang quarter windows.
  14. Thanks! :D
  15. Yeah when i was a kid we had an 85 vert, i loved that car, then i saw an areo and it cemented itself into my mind.
  16. Here are some pics of my 86 Mustang GT.A pic of how it looked when i bought it in July,2010 and a pic of how it looks now.

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  17. In addition to my red 86 GT i also have a grey primer 86 GT(no title,runs good) and a 93 LX hatchback. I have been seriously thinking about using the primer 86 GT to convert the 93 LX to a four eye.I love the 4I looks. Including the cars i have now i have owned 4 86 GTs, a 82 Capri "Black Magic" and 85 Capri RS.

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  18. If the primered car runs good, why tear it apart? Just give it a paint job and enjoy. The whole purpose of this thread is to encourage people NOT to tear apart 4-eye cars.
  19. Now it would not make much sense to invest thousands of dollars in a nice paint job on a car i can't put on the road. Go back and read my post,it says NO TITLE right before it says runs good. I have no way of getting the title for it,besides its ate up with rust.
  20. The transformation on this car is awesome. great job!