BEFORE you butcher a 4 eye... (56k beware)

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  1. Not trying to start an argument, just pointing out the intent of this thread. I realize you have a few stumbling blocks in the way, but dude, it's a T-Top car!
  2. Stumbling blocks? LOL! Rusted out floors,trunk area,and hatch lid. And the guy i got it from has no clue about the title.I contacted NC DMV and they were no help. No one loves the four eyed cars more than me(i have owned 4 four eyed Mustangs,2 Capris and a Fairmont)but i would rather use the body parts on something else than to see it all go to the crusher. I orginally bought the car for parts only for $350. I didn't even know the car ran.I got it for the 5 spd,pedals and the grey interior. But i agree< i hate to see any four eye car go to waste.
  3. Thanks
  4. I have an 84 LX Convertible that is in desperate need of a paintjob but I always loved the 4 eyes more than the aero cars. Once I start putting some work into it. I'm gonna start a project thread to show how nice a 4 eye can look, but I do plan to keep it a v6 however but may turbo charge it.
  5. When I was looking for a fox I had the chance to get a 86 gt with a 5 lug swap, it was mint! I passed it up and got a 92 lx instead. After I seen these cars I'm wonder what I was thinking when I did that!
  6. my last turbo project, it had 4 eyes and a mouth
    so that turbo could eat!
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  7. Can I add mine? LOL

    I just picked this up... A few things to do here and there but in pretty good shape... I'm thinking about an Areo Nose swap

    hahahaha (joke)

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  8. :drool: Details?

    Ditch the Cobra logo and that thing is just about perfect!
  9. YEAH!:drool::drool::drool:

  10. I agree, in Canada they were called GT Cobra, and I'm paying $200 more a year in insurance because of a stupid sticker Ford put on my car. I hope to do the cosmetic stuff this summer...

    Long live the 4 eyes :D
  11. I assume you mean me, and you mean these details: 363 c.i R 302 block, TFS R heads, Methanol injected 2 150 lb injectors per port on a custom Super Victor intake, 11.5:1 CR, 95mm Borg Warner turbo running 39 lbs boost, 95 mm TB, Exhaust exited in front of engine and ran through fenders came out behind front tires, No radiator completely dry block/heads, Huges UltraGlide,
    4000 stall conv 3.73 gears in a super 8.8".
    1653 hp 5.09 1/8th
  12. Your assumption was correct. Now, excuse me while I clean the blood and gray matter off my monitor, because you just BLEW MY MIND! Bad ride, dude!
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  13. That's just sweet:hail2:
  14. that's unreal! 2 x150lb injectors per port? WOW
  15. this takes bad a$$ to a whole new level! very nice
  16. thats is one hell of a ride/motor, very nice
  17. What do i do with mine???
    She sat there since 1990...until i found her

    All washed up:
  18. Wow that's a diamond in the rough. 4 cylinder?
  19. that was the one you found a dealership right? that's a sweet find either way
  20. yep...all apart. lol doing the swap now. Havent done much. I tore it down and mostly stare at it in the garage