BEFORE you butcher a 4 eye... (56k beware)

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  1. i gotta get the build thread going again...but there hasnt been much action. I need input on what direction to take it. Everyone around me i ask never wants to give me advice lol
  2. i would never make the switch traded mine for a fishing rod:nice:

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  3. I loved my 4 eyed 86gt. Then I gave it to my dad and he did the 93 swap front and back. Its just boring now. looks good dont get me wrong but I liked it a lot better before. Best thing was no one I ever knew had one this nice. If I would have choose to change it though it would have been 93 gt rear and a capri front with spoiler. Here is where the 86 fog lights went.

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  4. Dude, that is sick!:eek:
  5. I'm so glad I started this thread :drool:

    That thing is SICK. Can you please explain what you mean by the following: "No radiator completely dry block/heads"

    I feel like an idiot but I didn't know that was possible. :shrug:
  6. I was gonna ask how big the rad was until I saw that too. Never heard of it before :shrug:
  7. I know when guys drag race snowmobiles they dont use coolant. They come back and hook it up to a cooler full of ice and water and let it cycle through..Is that what you do?
  8. Not bad for 400$ right?:rlaugh:
  9. Nevermind what everyone else thinks. Build what you want, that is a beautiful starting point.

    To many people with too many ideas never work out. I would love to own that coupe, make sure you do something good with it. I can't believe you get that for $400. I will give you $500 and a 12 pack of your choice, LOL.
  10. No, I feel like an idiot for not bothering to respond when somebody asks me a question. (I completely forgot I had these pics in here)

    On an alcohol car, it is hard to actually keep the engine at operating temp (160-180 degrees) because of the cooling effect of ramming alcohol into an engine at 30 P.S.I. of boost. W/ two 150lb/hr injectors per cylinder flowing enough alcohol to go through 3-4 GALS of alcohol per 1/8th mi run, the motor NEVER reached 180 degrees even after a full pass. and coming back down the return road actually cooled it even further.

    So, need for a radiator, AND certainly no need for water in the block.
  11. Ahh I see. Thanks for the reply, Mike. I hadn't considered the cooling effect of alcohol.
  12. 1986 gt

    Just bought this in August 50000 original miles, no rust, mint.

  13. I dunno what you gave for that but it's VERY sweet car! :nice:

    I even like the 87+ GT sideskirts.

    MoAR pics please!
  14. needs a cobra rear bumper
  15. x's 2, thats a nice pick up there.
  16. 86 gt

    Thanks, I really like the car. I paid $7000 for it (in Calgary, Canada). I could not resist as it is in such good shape for 25 years old. Never seen snow, it does not have a block heater. I find everyone wants to race me, from trucks to stationwagon.

  17. So now that I have gone through 11 pages of 4-eyes how do I go about doing an areo swap?

  18. ive heard an LSx swap is a lot easier with the front clip off, so 2 birds one stone? :shrug:

    :ban: again
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