BEFORE you butcher a 4 eye... (56k beware)

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  1. No you can't play!

    j/k. That green looks good on there.
  2. I had a 90 LX and I loved it but now I have a 86 Gt and love it even more! Im build a new motor for and doing a five lug swap and eveything! Im building a 347 Stroker with with AFr 205 heads, trick flow stage 2 cam, trick flow track heat intake and 24# injectors. % lug is with of course 95-94 stuff but im using 99-04 brake calipers, 94-95 master cylinder. all the good stuff man. The only thing I dont like about my car is that it was white, but someone painted it black with silver flames. I dont dig the flames at all. lol! Plus I work at so that helps too!
  3. Here is my 86 GT

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  4. just went threw this entire thread and i NEED a 4 eyed notch...if havent tried 3 different front noses already i would be converting my notch....time to find one for a street car!
  5. The black one is my 86 GT 58,000 original miles. The second one is my red 86 GT convert 89,000 original miles and the last one is my pride and joy...torch red 86 GT completely redone from top to bottom. All total i have owned (9) 86 GTs and (3) 84 Capri GS 5.0s.
    Love the four eyes. I did have a 93 LX but converted it with a spare 86 GT front end i had.LOL
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  6. Those are all very nice cars, man!

    BTW, if you have any extra 86 noses, you need to let me know! Mine has a crack in it. :nonono:
  7. I don't remember if I posted pics of mine in here or not..
  8. Any idea what hood this is??
  9. Mine looks like similar and is a kaenen 3 inch.
  10. The four eyed SVO is also a sweet ride!
  11. I have a 84 4 eye & yall making me love her

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  12. Wow, it only took like 3 years or so from this post to make it happen lol. Hell it took 15 months to get the paint done. Here's a new one:

    Someday, my car will spend enough time out of the garage and in one piece to take some pics worth drooling over :rolleyes:
  13. I posted a few pics of my 86 mustang GT , T-Top 5spd 53mile ride super nice , with a super rare interior.... Would like to see whats out their around the web...

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  15. Four eyed mustangs make me feel funny inside :drool:
  16. Aww shucks, you'll make me blush :p
  17. No dought the best looking fox body mustang or capri from 79 to 93 is the 79 to 86 by far.....
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  18. Couldn't agree more! But I might be biased:)
  19. I've owned 4 89-93 cars and only 1 4eye. I don't ever plan on selling the 86!!