BEFORE you butcher a 4 eye... (56k beware)

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  1. I saw a hard top 86 with these rims on it this weekend, looked killer.
    Snapped this yesterday, Predator GT 302
  2. Love the wheels, but the cobra badges need to go.
  3. That entire scheme is a mess IMO. I love the 4-eyes and that thing is the wrong color, wrong side decal, wrong badges, wrong nose and hood alignment and wrong hood and hood pins.

    Molding should be the same color as the mirrors and other trim including the black-outs for the headlights.

    Other than that... It's fine! :D You're right though, the wheels are the best part. :)

    Oh and rally stripes. :nonono:
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  4. Thats how Tom Soloman built them in the 80's, I dig it but its not everyone's cup.
  5. I dunno who that is but I suspect that he was not a purist?
  6. He worked with Shelby on the original Shelby Mustangs, dont think it gets much more pure than that.
  7. I doubt that anyone in his line of work would cobble together a Fox like the one in the image.
  8. Your right, some hack red neck built it and tried to pass it off a special. :rolleyes:
  9. Actually, it does seem legit. :shrug:
  10. Well, since this seems to be revived and has turned into a bit of a 4eye show off then I feel obligated to engage... MustangMIR.jpg
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  11. Ever drive it down to the grocery store just for giggles?
  12. Grocery store, no but you better believe I've driven it to Taco Bell! With the rising cost of race gas I try not to drive it on the street that much.:D We go to a few shows with it a year and I'll cruise it on the street in the spring and fall. Once the summer months come and it's 90+ degrees this fat kid is looking to ride around with the AC on haha
    The car is 100% street legal believe it or not and I have yet to be hassled while driving it around.
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  13. Not only personal favorites but also good friends













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  14. These guys remind me how much I wish I had more money and time on my hands. Fecking beautiful cars.

    I just went to confession for the first time in a while, too. Now I gotta go back and confess jealousy.
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  15. You guys just INSIST on posting pronz in this thread. :drool:
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  16. That tubular gt40 intake is sexy in that red coupe and that Sinis built pace car is perfect.
  17. I'll make the same comment about both of those cars that I made about Built to Cruise...

    They lack air conditioning. Just an additional topping on the cake is all.

    I liken it to discovering that your PERFECT brunette isn't really a brunette at all. :shrug:
  18. The red coupes motor and bay is perfect to me.
  19. I don't know that I could choose. I know what that PD blower combo feels like though. :fap:
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