BEFORE you butcher a 4 eye... (56k beware)

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  1. Well they both don't actually lack AC the pace car will be running a vinage air unit plumbed threw the inner fener area as to not take away from the smoothed firewall.

    Heres another, its a coyote swapped ttop..




  2. I feel my soul's in danger! I'd probably make a deal with the devil if I could make mine as nice as that pace car/red ttop
  3. This post is the bees knees. I'm pretty stoked seeing as I just got this one owner (old lady) 80,000 mile pristine LX..... The only question now is 2JZ or Turbo 351w..... IMAG0313.jpg
  4. 2JZ? Really?

    Get real.
    Throw a Ford V8 (what almost everyone does, and for good reason) or a Chevy LS-family engine (which will piss off just about everyone here except me and a few others) in it. Leave the Japanese inline 6 to the Japanese cars. It's a great engine, but it belongs in Z cars, Supras, and the like, not a musclecar or ponycar.
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  5. My brothers 4-500 horse 2JZ Fairmont wagon



    My stepdads 1000 horse 2JZ is going in this thing


    I just want to try to keep up......

    Why not.

  6. My buddy had a warmed over 5.0HO in a mid-80's 2WD Jeep Cherokee a few years back. He missed it so much after he sold it, he bought another mid-80's 2WD Jeep
    Cherokee a year or so ago a dropped a 2JZ into it.

    Both were really unique and fun to drive, but the V8 Jeep made a much better driver. The first one would run mid-13's all day, every day and was a relatively easy swap.

    The second one has gone as quick as high-12's....and as slow as high-13's and cost him twice as much money and agravation to build. Seems very finicky to tune and impossible to keep consistent. He's not ready to admit it yet, but I know he wishes he would have stuck with the V8.

    I'm a purist, so any time I see a Ford, with a non Ford engine it's ruined as far as I'm concerned. But hey, to each their own. It's their money to waste.
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  7. Don't drive skinnies on the street.
  8. Gotta admit I am guilty of that .. Drove 15 x 4's on two cars ... Not the best when you need to do a panic stop or combined with drag radials when it rains
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