BEFORE you butcher a 4 eye... (56k beware)

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  1. Ok that's it, anyone PM for trade for my bike plus gear for 5'11" 165 lb rider on a good looking 4 eye :(

    Dammit I want another mustang

    I would trade everything I own including one of my testicles and maybe a kidney for that red 82
  2. I KNEW IT! :fuss:

    Get another Fox yous!
  3. This thread really makes me want my 86 back.

    Hmm................ maybe I should buy my friend's 86 GT T top!
  4. Someday, i will have paint and my car will be drooled over like this :rolleyes:
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  5. This is a fantastic thread. Sometimes I love just to do picture searches on here but all the nice 4 eyes are right here! Keep em coming!
  6. What am I? Chopped liver? :fuss: Don't answer that... :)

    I ALWAYS drool over your car. :mad:

  7. greensvt21 that super stallion look - a -like is pretty neat!

    Nova that car is sick! Where did u find it?
  8. Nice looking rides. I think I like the ones that are done up a bit more modern than the original looking ones, but to each their own.

    If I had bought a 4-eye....I would never have converted it. Guess I don't see the point. If you want an an aero. Seems easier to me :shrug:

    But whatever...I'm not losing sleep over any of it.
  9. your car is pretty damn nice bro, nothing to be ashamed of for sure
  10. bout time yo...
  11. ahh i'm relieved this thread is generating some interest, and thanks for the pics guys... i'll be doing more hunting tonight to provide some more sweet four eyed rides

    now if i only had a four eye of my own :rlaugh:
  12. Ah, that red '82 reminds us why Ford should have left that spoiler on all 4-eye cars.
  13. here are a few more of the red '82 GT we all love

    and a few more four eyed rides...

    enjoy :nice:

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  14. This is the same car thats in nova's post.


    another friend of mines.
    This one has full 03 cobra setup under it.

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  15. Ran some good times at the track to. Low 6's in the 1/8th. On them et steets.
  16. There's ALOT of amazing cars in this thread. But I LOVE the '82 GT it's one of my dream cars :nice:
  17. here's a nice one i just found

    and here are some really rare early 80's 4 eyes... probably never see most of these in real life

    Black Magic Capri

    a 1980 255 Cobra and an 1985 Predator GT302

    M81 Mustang Mclaren
    View attachment 284589

    1986 Dominator GT

    1984 GT Turbo

    1984 Predator GT302H

    1986 Saleen

    1984 20th Anniversary GT350 Dominator (the guy says it's 1 of 4 produced :shrug:)

    let the record show that only two of these cars are actually younger than i am hahaha

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  18. I swear, the guy who did the red/white '82 must be a lot like me...that car is essentially what i want with my car except for being a coupe (i've even considered the Halibrand rims..). I'm dying to get some of those SVO fender flairs and i've been wanting to fab up some SVO style sail panels for a coupe. I think i'm gonna stick with my GT hood scoop though just to be different since i see a lot of guys going with the Pacecar cowl.

  19. I'm honestly shocked that no company has made a 16-17 inch version of these wheels. I think they're F'in SICK looking...4 spokes for a 4 lug setup, and just totally unique looking. I'd rock a set of 17s in a heartbeat.

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