Beginning To Build 5.0 Motor Need Help

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  1. I have hypercuetic (honestly don't know how to spell that haha) pistons that originally came out of the motor I'm building. Machinist said they were still usable so my question is. Since my long term goal for this motor is a daily driveable high 300hp low 400hp. With some nitro every once in a while.
    - how good do hypercuetic pistons hold up to that?
    - should I go forged? I only plan on small shots of nitrous
    - any particular piston rings I should get?

    For the top end if it matters I plan on going with some afr's that will keep my compression ratio about the same as stock. I have no clue what cam I need or intake (that's for a later day)

    But for now I'll worry about bottom end
  2. Without the nitrous, those pistons should be fine. If you are going to put any nitrous on it, I would go to another piston. And please call it Nitrous, not nitro.

  3. If you're building a new motor why not put better pistons in the motor than stock? This way it's not an issue and it's not a ton of money either. Better to have piece of mind.

    I'd get a custom cam with your AFR heads. Can easily make 300HP to the wheels with custom cam, AFR's, good induction and exhaust.
  4. +1 on the forged pistons. Also, if you go with a forged pistons with bigger than stock valve reliefs, you could run the larger(185cc+) AFR head with 2.02 valves, if you wanted to. Although, the AFR 165's with 1.94 valve would probably work well for a 302/306.

  5. +2...I used hypers in my last engine build and tried to just run 6 psi of boost and that failed when they scattered.
  6. Nitrous makes a lot of heat. It just doesn't work well with cast pistons. If you are building a basic N/A H/C/I engine, there is nothing wrong with going with a $200 set of Speedpro cast pistons. Once you add the nitrous in, I don't recommend it.

  7. I hit my factory pistons with a 150hp shot for a couple years and managed to keep it all together. The key is to avoid ANY detonation. Now with that being said there is no way I would build a motor and put stock pistons back in it. Even a set of the cheaper Speed Pro forged pistons will be far better than those stockers.