Behind The Scenes Mustang Testing!

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  1. Ford Mustang Stabilized Radiator

    The SN95 Mustang is an awesome car, but unfortunately these cars have issues with the factory radiator. This Mustang produces so much torque that the chassis can actually twist, causing the radiator to separate from its end tanks. Mishimoto’s original design featured mounting points similar to the factory radiator, but ours provided increased cooling capacity, heat dissipation, and more durable aluminum end tanks. This design allowed the radiator to perform better than stock, but the car was still susceptible to the damage from chassis flex.

    Our engineers went back to the drawing board to design a radiator that would not only outperform the stock cooling system, but would also prevent this type of damage from recurring. We call this new radiator the Mustang Radiator Stabilizer System, and its design is so effective and unique that it has been patented. The stabilizer system allows the radiator to “float” between two brackets that mount to the factory locations on the radiator support. The radiator is then connected to these brackets using rubber bushings, which absorb the shock and movement that a normal radiator would encounter. The system effectively isolates the radiator from the chassis, thus preventing the damage that could occur from twisting.

    Once our engineers were satisfied with the design, they set out to prove its performance. So we contacted our friends at American Muscle, who were gracious enough to lend us one of their beautiful Mustangs for a day. The plan was to bring the car in to obtain testing data for both the factory radiator and our newly designed radiator, proving that our design is not only more reliable and durable, but also more efficient.

    We heard the Mustang arriving at the shop before we could see it – the familiar sound of a modular Ford. The Mustang was a beautiful example of a tastefully modified vehicle that is fun to drive, yet still practical. The engineers quickly set up our PLX temperature sensors and went for a drive to obtain the baseline temperature data. After the drive they let it cool to a safe temperature and then removed the stock radiator, installed the new Mishimoto radiator, and reconnected the PLX temperature sensors. The engineers then replicated the testing performed with the stock radiator so that the data comparison would be accurate.

    After the car returned from the test drive, our engineers began to evaluate and analyze the data. As we had anticipated, our radiator significantly outperformed the stock radiator, proving that our new design is more effective. We are still crunching some numbers and creating charts to make the data easily readable, and we will be sharing this data soon. We are very proud to offer this product to the Mustang community, because this radiator design goes above and beyond the standard to supply the best product possible. The hard work from our team of skilled engineers resulted in optimal performance for your street/track car, and provides the reliability you need to keep your car on the road and out of the shop.










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  2. The engineering report is being finished up by our engineers! Once the report is ready, I will post it up for everyone to check out! :)
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