BEHOLD, I Am Among you

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  1. I'm RDT from Hell (Alabama) and after years of dreaming and scheming, I picked up my baby Feb 13th! Let the universe tremble.... The ladies.jpg
  2. Ummm... Your neighbor left his lights on. o_O
  3. 3 guesses who owns the bike too....
  4. Some dude named Honda. Never heard of him.

    Oh... and :welcome:to:SN::)
  5. LOL! Nice one and thanks!
  6. Your too close to the handicap spot, door ding city.
  7. I know but it's right in front of my place and the only guy who ever uses any of the spaces parks as far over as he can too (you can just see his bumper far left). The major DDD is where my bike's parked, thanks to an idiot who drives his car like it's a crippled Battlestar. Sadly, The Lady already took her first ding 2 days after I got her, when I completely lost my f****** mind and parked at a mall...
  8. A loooooooooooooong time ago I had a car that I had freshly painted. I was that guy that parked all screwy to keep others away. I even parked out in the ding toolies but folks still griped. The apartment complex that I lived at sent me a nasty graham telling me that I MUST park within the painted slots no matter how far out I parked or how congested the parking was. I did... Got a door ding that VERY week. Called the cops, filed a police report, went to small claims court, and took the partment complex for $600 (their parking lines were not wide enough to accomodate anything but the smallest of econo-boxes).
  9. The title of this thread reminds me of the Genie from Bugs Bunny...

    "Trumpets play and heralds sing! I'm here! I'm here!" :D

    Welcome! Nice bike... sorry about the door dings.
  10. Actually, with me it'd be more like Da CLIK!. BTW, it's no accident the bike and Stang are the same color :D
  11. Welcome, nice rides!
  12. Welcome, nice rides indeed

  13. Nice... I found you a girlfriend. :D

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  14. She's silver? :shrug:
  15. Oh, I see she's silver, just wondering how to tune her up.
  16. Oh, I see that, just wondering how to tune her up...

  17. Hmmm... she's a Kardashian. Try a huge dump truck full of money. She'll purr like a kitten.
  18. Maybe, if it was this truck but it wouldn't last long. I think I'll spend my muhla on the Stang and VFR, THEY will be around longer than 72 days...

    Da CLIK!