Being cute might have its perks?

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  1. The mustang has been leaking grease of out the differential lately. So I took it to this oil changing place to have it refilled. Well I pull up and this guy comes out to find out what I need. So I tell him whats going on and tell him to put some more fluid in it. So he's like "well its 6 dollars a pint, do you want it filled up all the way" And I'm like yeah thats fine, its gotta be done. So I go in and wait and he comes back in like 5 mins and he's like "You're good to go" and I'm like "okay" and I talk to him a min about the car, and then I go to the counter to pay and he goes "Don't worry about it, its fine" And I'm like... "okay...."Did I recieving special attention? :shrug:
  2. You sure did... sounds like he was willing to lube ya for free.. anyway you
  3. lmao dirty dirty..
  4. I doubt I'm cute, but I like to tower over people and stare down at them.
  5. Your reply is "ohhsoobad"....but, quite possibly true. Then again, perhaps he just felt guilty at the thought of charging her for such a minor service. :shrug:

    Megan, the gear oil may be $6 a pint..but, he probably didn't put a dollars worth in to top it off. One lesson in this experience for you, is to learn that you can't always judge a book by it's cover...especially one with a mechanics greasy fingerprints on it! Recognizing the difference between receiving special attention, common courtesy, or something else altogether, can be a fine line for someone your age. Be gracious and happy for such favors, but be wary of passing judgement about the givers intent, until you can tell the difference without question.
  6. $6.00 a PINT? Made of liquid platinum or something? One QUART of Valvoline gear oil is $11.99 at NAPA.
  7. And Pepsi's 99 cents at the supermarket, but Hooters gets $2.25 for it. And most sit-down restaurants are well over $1.50.

    You're buying a service, so you have to expect some markup. Even buying it yourself, it's $6 a pint. So, you add the markup on the part, plus the labor, plus amortizing the equipment investment, rent or property payment, garagekeeper's liability insurance, etc and she's lucky it wasn't $12 a pint.

    Lots of things are cheap to do yourself, but if you can't/won't/don't want to, you gotta pay to play.
  8. Didnt know Mustang II's came with GREASE as lube in the rear? :shrug: :rlaugh:
  9. I have seen your photo, and call me a dirty old man, if you will, but If you stopped by my garage, I would change your engine for free :D
  10. Shameless! haha
  11. :rlaugh: You're going to wish you hadn't said that when I show up and have you swap out the rearend and do all the wheels and tires. :D
  12. I have to watch myself, after-all you are only 18 hours and 58 minutes away from my garage. (according to map quest) :rlaugh:
  13. :rolleyes:
  14. Wow I'm only 19 hours from canadia!
  15. That's Canada dear, and if you need a place to crash after your long drive..... :rlaugh: I live in Southern Ontario which is real close to the :canada: :flag: border.
  16. OK, I must have missed something here. Last I remember there were 2 pints to a quart, so $6.00 a pint sounds the same to me as $12.00 a quart.
  17. That got me too.

    And I have never paid anywhere close to $12 a quart for conventional 80/90

    Synchromesh for the chebby tranny was about that, though.
  18. Not saying your "not cute" but he may have just comped you for bigger business in the future.
  19. I'm not saying that he thought I was the hottest thing around, but it was kind of flattering to get it for free... lol
  20. I think he is either a good businessman, an all around good guy having a good day or he was a little under the influence of the female charms, know what I mean. Can't blame him. :p