Belt/Pulley Squeel Problem.

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  1. Hey guys,
    I've searched a lot of threads on this issue, but hardly any of them have a "solution" to this "so-called" common problem with mustangs. I have 2002 Mustang GT(123,000 Miles). About 6 months ago I replaced my belt because I had an annoying squeek coming from the engine when I start it on a cold day. The squeek got louder and more persistent even in warmer weather. After I replaced the belt, this past winter it started doing it again. I noticed that it would squeek on startup, and while driving it would get louder as the rpm's went up(or more "load" on the the pulleys). If I held the clutch in, it would subside some. Under the hood it sounds like it's coming from the tensioner area.

    So here's what I did:
    - Replaced the belt ( 6 months ago)
    - Replaced the Idler pulley
    - Replaced the Tensioner Assembly. (it was wobbling alot) Gatorback brand.

    After the tensioner was replaced, it is much much better and now goes away again once the car gets warm. Should I replace the belt again? Figuring that maybe a bad tensioner might have overstretched it? The belt looks great and not frayed or cracked, all other pulleys spin nicely, checked the alignment of the belt. Everything is stock as well. Has anyone found it to be something else? like a specific pulley?

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, and my apologies if this topic was covered before as I cannot seem to find one specific to my problem.
  2. mine is an automatic and when I start it on a cold ohio morning it squeels until the rpm's go to a normal running speed. It also squeels when I floor it going from first to second gear.
  3. Did you replace the pulley on the tensioner as well? I've seen some that develop hard spots that actually cause the belt to jump a bit and this causes the pulley to keep chirping. Water pumps going the way of the wind can also make some noise. One thing I always used that did a fairly decent job stopping squealing, if everything else checked out okay, was a tire marking crayon, you know, the yellow or white ones that they write on the tires with? Apply it to the grooved side.