Belt route smog and AC delete

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  1. Hi all
    Here's the daughters 86 GT is running with no smog pump, using an 86.5 belt. She calls me late last night and says the AC has locked up and burning up the belt. First, can this lock up? Second, can I bypass the AC without using any special bracket, just re-routing and using a shorter belt?

  2. yes the a/c compressor can seize up. The only way to really by pass it is to install the ford racing a/c delete kit, this puts the p/s pump into the same location as the non a/c cars. the only other way is to run a pulley like the one asp sells that sits in place of the compressor ( I don't recommend this method, it's adding more pullies than needed at it makes the engine bay look bad). The way the serpintine belt set up is you need to have the compressor there or a pulley or use the ford a/c delete to properally route the belt.

    here is a chart to help


    going by the chart using the ford a/c delete kit and bypassing the smog you need a 73" belt.

    and the ford a/c delete kit

    Ford Racing M-8511-A50 - Ford Racing Air Conditioning Eliminator Kits –
  3. Thank you very much. I haven't seen that diagram before.

    Will the 94-95 5.0 ac compressor fit the earlier 5.0?
  4. This weekend, i saw the car. It wasn't her AC that locked up, it was the PS pump. Her friend knocked it with something and it freed it up. Waiting for it to happen again.