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  1. Im swapping to manual steering and im also running a vortech supercharger. Although I dont have a smog pump or a/c I have to run the delete pulleys to make it all work due to moving the alternator to the bottom.
    My question is does anyone off the top of their head know what size belt it will take for a motor with a/c and with smog but without powersteering?
  2. I think I remember it being 84.5" but not positive
  3. String it, and measure.

    WIth all the variables for pulley sizes, belt routings, etc, there are just too many belt sizes to know what size fits what.
  4. yep yep, string it or take an old belt around
  5. Ya i think ill string it. If i go get a belt with the measurement will i have any problems or will I get the usual Whats it for? Does it have a bed liner? Is the spare tire in the trunk or are you driving on it? This belt will only work on your car if you have black interior. :doh:
  6. Just tell em its for a custom application and you need a 6 rib serpentine belt xx.x inches long
  7. They sell the 6 rib serpentine belts in 1/2" increments. The guide I supplied is just that- a guide. With the variations in tolerances, pulley sizes, etc., there is a probability you will need +/- 1" or so in a belt. Once you have measured the size of belt you think you need, buy that belt and also belts for +/- 1/2" just in case. You can return the two belts that are not the right one.
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  8. That's what I say.

    You may have to tell the person how to read their belt part numbers to determine size. Usually the last 3 digits of the p/n are the size. So a Gates XY7123845 would be an 84.5" belt.
  9. Thanks for yalls help!!