Belt squeeks pretty loud on intial startup....

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  1. It all started after I put in a 3g upgrade from had to take off the belt and stuff of course and just wondered if I put it on to tight or to loose? I am guessing it is to tight because there is black dots on my new alternator, which looks like it sprayed from the belt onto the alternator :shrug: How do I properly adjust the belt?

    Thanks in advance :nice:

  2. It's loose, sort of. The 3G's are a lot harder to turn compared to the 2G's. Just hope it doesn't get as bad as mine... I couldn't run more than one accessory at a time or it would squeel everytime I left a light.
  3. So why would I have that black spray on my alternator? (It is also on the water pump to) I know it happened after I put back on the belt because the alteranator was new :shrug:

  4. I have the 3G conversion also and my belt squeeks on cold startup. I noticed shavings from the belt around the alternator. So i dont know if its related. I changed my belt tensioner just in case and it didnt help. The belt seems nice and tight so i'm stumped.
  5. anyone else?
  6. I had a squeeling problem on my 1992 VW Golf. I tightened the pulley as best I could but it still squeeled. I ended up having to go out and buy a spraycan of "belt-dressing". it took care of the problem as it helps the belt stick better to the pulleys. However, you can't do that with a serpentine belt on a 5.0.

    My foxbody 5.0 also did it once, oddly enough during a period of electrical fits so I took it in to a 5.0 Mustang Pro. I told him about the squeeling and electrical problems and he took one look and found the problem with my set-up.
    He looked at the tensioner pulley and on the top "cog" imprinted on the pulley is says "RANGE". On the opposite side of where it says RANGE there is the imprint of an arrow. If the arrow is within RANGE, you're ok. If the arrow is outside of the RANGE, then you're belt is loose. Mine was outside of the RANGE and not because the belt was stretched, but rather, the last owner replaced the fan clutch pulley from a 1990 with a 1986!!!!! Then he measured the belt incorrectly and that was too big too. The 5.0 Pro changed out the 1986 pulley with a proper 1990, and put a 1990 belt on and now everything is within RANGE and no more squeeling or electric charging problems.
  7. 3G Alternators come with a pre-installed underdrive pully, or a pully that's smaller than the stock one, anyway. Compare them, you'll see. This could make the belt a little looser and could be causing your slipping problem. A slightly shorter belt should help. That, or your tensioner may be getting weak, but it's probably the new alt.'s pully.
    As for the spray on the alt.... if the belt is mis-aligned on the pully, you should be able to just look at it and tell. If the belt is installed and has been cranked up and run, look to see where the belt is sitting on the pully. If it's sitting in the middle where it's supposed to be, then it's fine. If it's sitting off to the side and is rubbing something, then you may have to use some small washers to space it out the where it needs to be. Maybe new 3G alt's come with some kind of lube or oil or something that will spew out on first operation.... I don't know. I got mine used.
    Good luck with it!
  8. Mine started after i did the timing cover gasket only makes the noise when i start her up in the moring when its cold. Its pretty loud too i can hear it over the car when im at a light. :nonono:
  9. Is their any simple way I can tell if my belt is to tight or to lose...or is their a good rule of thumb to follow. My tensioner shows that it is to tight but when i mess with the belt it doesn't seem like it......

  10. I was told i need a new belt. How old is your belt?
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  12. I don't really know how old it is because I bought it from a guy back in july.....I don't think the belt is old because it didn't squeek until after I took it off for the first time and put it back on after doing the 3g upgrade...... :shrug:


  13. Hi, I am david and I missed the whole post above. :bang:
  14. Well mine didnt make any noise either but they said my belt was streched and after i put u/d pulleys on it makes alot of noise cause every time i start it the belt slips on the alt pulleys (sounds allful). So when i get around to it im just gona get a new belt that is small enough to by pass my smog pump.

    Check the belt for cracks and what not.
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  16. Yeah my belt has little cracks in it but I didn't notice it before so I guess I overtightend the belt and it shows up more.....but it doesn't seem tight enough... :shrug:

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